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  1. I think Mox/Hangman 2 should be a singles match. Let Hangman beat Moxley clean so they can have a rubber match at Revolution, either Lights Out or Texas Deathmatch.

  2. best thing that i did to improve my wrestling enjoyment is block words like ''rating,viewership,demo'' on SquaredCircle, use hide button more often and unfollow all of the wrestling twitter accounts and only follow those that post match sequences etc

  3. Another helpful tip is to block Redditcare the first time you get it.

  4. Nah I think some shenanigans in the form of The Ass Boys and/or The Kingdom will cost FTR the match setting up the ROH Tag Team Championship Match at Final Battle.

  5. Don’t think we get the Acclaimed match the week after they’re facing FTR. They tend to space these things out so unfortunately we’re in for more Lethal/Jarrett promos taking up time.

  6. Oh yeah agreed on both. Hook vs Moriarty is probably more likely for that Rampage rather than the tag and TNT championship match.

  7. Pretty sure he’s been using that on Revolver before.

  8. Appeal it and explain that. If they don’t follow the promotion they wouldn’t know if he was advertised or if this was a surprise.

  9. Already did but from my experience, it’ll just get ignored, or, restored for a while before another mod remove it.

  10. I haven’t watch this episode but I really hope the members decide to watch the World Cup together especially Korea’s final group game. It was epic and I bet the Koreans felt a lot of emotions watching that game. Even if it’s not for Running Man, at least put it on one of the members’ Youtube.

  11. This is ending the show on Dynamite, but Hangman/Moxley - Lights Out match to close the night/Rampage. Right?

  12. I can’t see them not airing Hangman/Mox live.

  13. They already announced that the winner of the tournament gets the title shot at Winter is Coming before MJF became the champion.

  14. And his picture is the biggest on the poster LMAO.

  15. I’ve never caught those but wanted to. Same with the Spring Break shows. All that is on the service?

  16. Looks like a pretty loaded card. Without me googling, how much is it? Might watch the replay after I got to the AAA show here in Tempe tonight

  17. You can watch it via Fite+ which is 4.99$ per month. There’s a 7-day free trial for it so you can basically watch this show (and a lot of other shows) for free.

  18. I'm sorry, KENTA V 'Speedball'?! Straight into my veins please.

  19. Yeah, insane that they’re able to book the match there. And we can watch it for free via Fite+ 7-day free trial.

  20. ROH PPVs are so cheap I'll probably get it anyway, I liked the actual gimmick of Death Before Dishonor and thought it was a great show so Garcia and Yuta will probably have a good match and uhhhhh... I'm sure there'll be other stuff?

  21. Wait really? It’s more expensive than AEW’s for me.

  22. Removed Insta and Twitter from my phone (without deactivating the accounts for now). There goes my only sources of joshi news, guess I'll go back to checking the networks randomly and have no idea when there's an excursion, new merchs, etc. Sucks.

  23. I deactivated twitter for a while now, and just uninstalled instagram last week. We’re gonna get through this buddy.

  24. So why does Moxley wear actual wrestling gear in the independents but wears trousers in AEW? Not complaining, just curious if anyone knows?

  25. He wears pants or jeans for indie shows too, but he’ll use this gear for Bloodsport matches.

  26. This was during Wrestlemania weekend and this was Mox 3rd/fourth match that week. Moxley is a animal

  27. I believe he was also wrestling with a hamstring injury at this point, and he wrestled AJ Grey on the same day.

  28. I hope they do the thing where Darby does his dive through the ropes at Joe and Joe just moves out of the way.

  29. samoa joe vs. juice robinson for the roh tv title was already confirmed for final battle

  30. Does the show get cancelled midway or is there a conclusion ?

  31. Of all the time travel shows I’ve watched, I think this one is the best at wrapping up its story.

  32. Ricky Starks said the same thing. Mox stays to himself and then all of a sudden sat down next to Starks and told him how to save for a house. 😂

  33. I think there’s a chance of this happening when The Elite wins the trios title and The House of Black become the next challenger for the title at Revolution.

  34. I think Darby needs a big feud, he kinda feels like he’s stuck in the shallows right now

  35. I wanna see Swerve/Darby but Darby is gonna have to lose that feud though.

  36. Curious to see what’s the plan for Naito at WK.

  37. This has been such a wild World Cup so far.

  38. Who would have dethroned Hangman before CM Punk came back?

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