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  1. For reference this is a solid D Biden +45 seat in Nashville. We’ll hold on to it whenever said special election is scheduled and just like the Justin Jones and Pearson situation as well as the other solid seat Republicans hold, a temporary representative is allowed to be appointed by the county commission until said special election is held and certified

  2. It was, it struck close enough that i heard it hit the ground. I fell down when i heard it, which is something i do whenever i hear a loud bang.

  3. I remember falling down during a vacation in Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach when a huge clap of thunder startled me. I think that’s the closest I’ve got while outside. And I didn’t even see the lightning strike

  4. I’ll do a NJ primary forecast at some point within the next few days, but likely not today as I got a grad party to go to. However from taking a look at the forecast models and data from this morning into the afternoon, there seems to be pretty good agreement on a mostly no precipitation Election day, except a few scattered rain/rain showers and temperatures being near or slightly below average for about all of the day. Nothing major, so I don’t expect turnout to get drastically impacted.

  5. Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose is widely seen as the moderate, electable Republican who'd pose a severe challenge to Sherrod Brown. Well,

  6. What’s the more hilarious part is that the plaintiffs will use this quotes now in the challenge currently in courts to strike down and remove the August election

  7. NEW: In a win for voters, the Arizona Supreme Court rejects the Arizona Republican Party's lawsuit attempting to strike down the state's 1991 no-excuse mail-in voting law. Arizona voters will continue to benefit from this robust mail-in voting system.

  8. This is a good thread by the new NC Democratic Party chair Anderson Clayton

  9. That one was funny because some R’s switched votes back to yes when they realized Dems weren’t coming along

  10. I was trying to figure out what was happening there

  11. As we enter Atlantic hurricane season and prepare for peak fire season, I’ve convened federal agencies across my Administration to discuss our plan to prepare for, respond to, and help communities become more resilient to these hazards going forward.

  12. More Dems voted for what was ostensibly a Republican negotiated compromise bill is an astounding show of caucus unity with the WH and something they can surely spin as a sign of weakness w/ McCarthy and the House R caucus

  13. Well let the potential backlash and chaos on the House GOP courtesy of the Freedom caucus nuts begin

  14. I will definitely post this again tomorrow, but I just found this out during a conversation on the weather discord I’ve heavily involved in now. This happened on May 10th. And I don’t know how I missed this until now

  15. Yea it’s gonna be bad. The maps really have the potential to rip the GOP in Wisconsin apart with internal squabbles

  16. Personally I think we’ll have a VA situation where most of the member v member primaries don’t happen as a result of one of the members retiring, or mutiple depending on how many members are in one district

  17. 7-6, House Rules narrowly adopts rule for debt limit bill after GOP Reps. Norman and Roy voted with Democrats against it. Massie voted for the rule. House votes tomorrow on rule and then final passage of bill

  18. FL is going to have a shot to win two championships the next few weeks with the Heat win

  19. What do you all think about Gloria Johnson running for Tennessee Senate?

  20. For the 3rd week in a row, most global models including the

  21. Off topic: but going to my first Twins MLB game of the season, usually go to several with the grandparents and eventually relatives when they come to visit every summer from PA/NC: It could not be a better day for a game. Warm, with temperatures in the upper 70s, to low 80s, completely sunny, and very little wind. Absolutely gorgeous and beautiful Memorial Day Weekend in the Twin Cities area

  22. I was rooting for the Heat but yes the political alignment of this series I can get behind Boston winning lol

  23. I want Denver to win whoever comes out of the East. I hate Boston so much as a MN sports fan with miserable playoff success and don’t think they neee anymore success for a while. And I love Denver and Jokic that much.

  24. Yes this is allowed even under the new marijuana legalization bill…

  25. Mankato City Council temporarily pauses cannabis sales ahead of marijuana legalization

  26. AZ CD-3. Phoenix City Councilwoman Laura Pastor (D) becomes the 5th Dem to enter open seat congressional race

  27. Former Michigan state Sen. Curtis Hertel is strongly considering a run for the U.S. House in a key district, sources tell The @detroitnews He could announce his campaign later this summer.

  28. Super Typhoon Mawar is an absolute monster over the Western Pacific waters west of Guam

  29. One more point to mention on the Ken Paxton impeachment: Keep in mind during this whole process, his name has been mentioned to primary John Cornyn in 2026

  30. #PASen: McCormick thanks Mastriano for his service, reiterates that he is "seriously considering" running for Senate against Sen. Bob Casey (D)

  31. Well, Florida gets one big W today as the Florida Panthers finish off the sweep of the Carolina Hurricanes to win the eastern conference and reach the NHL Stanley Cup Final

  32. Lmao, George Santos is live reacting and attacking DeSantis’s announcement live. He’s so fucked

  33. 🚨BREAKING: Minutes after DeSantis signs new voter suppression law #SB7050, seven leading civil/voting rights organizations, led by the Florida @NAACP , sue Florida. Proud of the @EliasLawGroup team. The court fight for voting rights continues.

  34. Typhoon Mawar local statement and forecast discussion by NWS Guam

  35. The more Republicans that jump into the presidential race, the more vital it is to fight back. We’re gathering to strategize on Wednesday—come learn how we’ll win Wisconsin, and keep the White House in 2024. Any May, monthly, or new donor can join:

  36. Kari Lake, who called a presser today and said she had a "big announcement," said it wasn't about an #azsen run next year. “Not today," she said Said she formed a new "ballot-chasing operation" and would appeal her legal effort to overturn her loss in gov race, per @KyungLahCNN

  37. Fox News' Jesse Watters tells House Republicans to force Joe Biden to “resign or we’re going to blow the debt limit up”

  38. And just like that, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center just released their new advisory and

  39. Hopefully we in WI won’t be too far behind. 2024 is our chance to finally get a D trifecta

  40. If he retires Lisa Blunt Rochester is a clear favorite to succeed him. And that would leave DE-AL open, if so I hope Sarah McBride runs

  41. My guess is Blunt Rochester goes for Senate if Carper decides to retire, my opinion is, he most likely will, although not opposed if he does decide to run for re-election. If he does run for Senate re-election, Blunt Rochester decided between a re-election to the House, or a Governor run

  42. Two pieces of weather updates from the tropics on this Sunday

  43. Cnalysis hasn’t announced the official change yet, but their MN State House chamber rating is now lean D instead of tilt D

  44. My idiot state rep just implied that another rep only got into college from affirmative action

  45. The new NC D chair has already vowed to make sure the idiot state rep is not uncontested again

  46. Idaho Democrats endorsed 21 candidates for the library board and other elections this pass Tuesday, and

  47. Excellent! This makes me hope that there’s consistent backlash against Moms for Liberty and other school and library board kooks. This is a red state so that’s a big deal.

  48. Here’s another thread that covers some of the key wins Idaho Democrats got

  49. can we take a minute to appreciate the nevada legislature for drawing us this

  50. My personal belief is NV’s congressional maps is NOT a gerrymander but rather fixing an unconstitutional GOP packed gerrymander on Vegas

  51. Yeah I’m hoping it won’t either. One of my saved FB posts was when I posted how bad it was, and how I hadn’t seen it that bad in a while

  52. Just the beginning': NC Republicans say more abortion restrictions possible after 2024 elections

  53. They’ve certainly chosen a hill to die on. Hopefully we can take advantage of this to galvanize voters against them.

  54. I can’t wait to send the NC GOP a first message this fall by doing well in the local municipal elections throughout the state in November

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