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  1. You should totally transfer if you’re able to bestie! there has to be a SSV more competent than that nearby 😆 Some people cannot fill the leader role so easy when it comes to higher up positions:/ U shouldn’t have to deal with that because they have to be able to mediate between both sides if there needs to be any sort of confrontation. The blame should not be on the barista nor the customer and as a manager it’s your responsibility to take any faults and own up to it in moments like that. Especially when your barista has already followed the LATTE model. Some partners are nasty and don’t even deserve that title sbux gives them but you should have to fight every battle tooth and nail by yourself. Transfer !!

  2. Meh, I don’t think it’ll help to be honest. I’ve seen enough from this company and I’d rather find a job that isn’t so frustrating with coworkers who aren’t so petty and have bully-like mentality. The problem is being exhausted after work and I feel completely defeated, not just with work. But my goal is to be out by February, just not sure what to do. I end up getting targeted in literally every job I’ve had so I’m just not a huge fan of human beings at the moment. It’s very tiring 😒

  3. true, i’m quite done with this company myself and i’m at a licensed store! They keep preparing me for management but who knows if that will ever happen…not to mention holidays are the worst and it seems like i only blinked from last holiday working full time doing impossible shifts! It’s frustrating I get you. I’m probably just gonna waste away behind a desk somewhere instead, at least i can make more and basically do nothing but make phone calls all day. Not back breaking work on my disabled body , at least. Whatever job you find i hope it works out for you for awhile , and that you don’t dread going to work every day. Cheers 🥺

  4. Awwww you’re really sweet! I’m with ya, I have fibromyalgia so this isn’t the ideal job for me either. I was a teacher for 6 years, left when Covid hit. Then I worked at Amazon and got bullied there. Came to Starbucks and it’s been a terrible experience if I’m honest. I can’t decide if I want to go back to teaching or just try and find a work from home type of job, scheduling/ data entry. I’m with you, office jobs aren’t ideal for me but I just don’t know what else to do at this point. It’s rough out there. Not doing great in my personal life either, I basically only have my dog and my boyfriend and I’ve turned into a grumpy stressy depressy sad girl. Sigh. In any case, sending you love and light my friend!

  5. And this is why our customers get pissy when we tell them we can’t have dogs inside. “The other Starbucks…”

  6. Alissa is disgusting and her level of hatred for Camille seems to be coming from a very insecure place

  7. I think she decided to flirt with Ben mostly because of her disdain for Camille. They’re all single and free to flirt with whoever they want but it seemed like she was trying wayyy too hard and I wonder if she still would’ve gone for Ben if her& Camille didn’t get snippy with one another. I don’t think Camille has great work ethic (you can be a “free human” and still be professional- not jumping in the water while you’re working and guests arriving shortly) but Alissa definitely needs to lead, not just give orders and tell her she’s doing everything wrong. Alissa’s comments seemed to come from the fact that she was pissed that she didn’t “win” the competition, that she made up, over Ben. She seems to be able to talk a lot of smack without being able to handle the consequences.

  8. Yeah she’s def flirting just to spite Camille. I know Camille is not a perfect worker but there seems to be something more there not just her sucking at the job

  9. Other comments have also suggested that production set Camille up to look bad with the swimming. I, too, noticed what others pointed out: her hair was dry when guests arrived. So I take that part back as it seems like shady editing. Maybe she doesn’t fully know what to do, but in that case it’s Alissa’s (and Fraser’s) job to show her. She’s learning two different departments and I’m sure that’s a lot of info to take in.

  10. I feel the same way. I’ve never fit in here, ever. I’ve had this feeling for a while that this isn’t my “true home.” I just…don’t get it and share the same feelings as you. I’m sad, I’m bored, I’m lonely, I’m disappointed. I’ve really struggled in this realm and abandoned by everyone at some point, including friends and family. People gravitate towards me but will ditch me like it’s nothing. Nothing here makes sense to me. Why can’t we all just help one another and coexist peacefully? There’s plenty to learn from everyone. I’m becoming very angry and tend to isolate myself from society, I’m trying to not give in to that but I find people to be so…ick. I tend to bond with animals and children, they love me!

  11. 15 million merits is a snooze fest for me

  12. Oh thank goodness! I feel the same. Everyone raves about it but I don’t really get the hub bub

  13. We had a 4 partner play this morning. I was solo on bar with 20-30+ drinks lined up at any time. People still asked for pup cups. Read the room, man.

  14. Did it harm your chances of booking future places? I’m only asking because I’m planning taking many trips next year

  15. Not the person you asked, but I got kicked off the platform permanently out of nowhere. I hadn’t even used the app in, like, 3 years. I went to book something over the summer and I got locked out of my profile and an email saying I violated their community standards? I tried contacting customer service but it never got anywhere. Luckily, this didn’t happen after I had booked, I’ve heard horror stories of similar situations but it was last minute while they were on their trips, ready to check in basically so they were screwed out of a refund.

  16. I didn't like Zay from day one out of the pods. You could see she was going to hold everything over Cole.

  17. How did no one see Nancy as a pick me? She literally just wanted a husband, any husband, and wanted to start having children. I don’t understand why everyone was so surprised by Bartise, it’s not like he hid who he was. I don’t particularly like him, but what else did anyone expect? He’s also 25 and never came across as super mature for his age or anything.

  18. Seems like you need to spend some time feeling good about YOURSELF! Focus inward and jealousy will subside. I struggled with this in the past. To start, wake up and thjnk of three things you’re thankful for. Then look in the mirror and find one thing you like about yourself, even if it’s the shape of your left eyebrow. Bigger steps would be shifting this jealousy into appreciation. If you see a girl with a cute dress on, instead of feeling bad for yourself about how you don’t have it, compliment her in the dress!! Women support women, find happiness within yourself and it will shine outward

  19. This is a really great answer! When I practice gratitude I think of 3 things I’m grateful for, 3 good things that happened that day or the day before, and honest about my general mood. When everything was completely shut down because of the pandemic, I lost weight and weight ~123 lbs. I’ve been struggling with depression/ anxiety/ loneliness/ finding my place/ a lot of what OP said and I gained all the weight back and more. I started looking at my body for the many wonderful things it can do! Hands that allow me to cook and create so many wonderful things, legs that allow me to walk and get around, arms to lift what I need, etc.

  20. Peanut butter and banana with smashed fruit! Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, or any combination. Add a little cinnamon 🤤

  21. I want to live in my own separate galaxy with only my rabbits as company at this point I'm so fucking sick of people

  22. Same. Except it’d be me and my doggo instead of buns. I’d take any animal though. I feel you, sis.

  23. I have a feeling he was 100% himself on the show and everyone besides SK was not, because reality tv. Unfortunately, this is where you land when you don’t play the game. I really felt bad for him, all the women teaming up on him without knowing anything at all. It just felt mean.

  24. My manager and I were talking about the show at work today and she asked me who my favorite was. My response, “I don’t like any of them!” But then I remembered SK, he seems to be the only normal one. I really don’t know why I keep watching shows like this 😆

  25. Yo he 100000% made a joke drunk af like “yeah I hooked up with all the strippers babe 😜💋💋💋” and she ran with it

  26. I was waiting for one of the guys to confirm or deny but no one did! The only “proof” was Zanab’s side of the story, which…isn’t believable due to who she is as a person.

  27. And she says no one there besides Cole has ever mentioned it to her. Don't you think if it happened, one of the men would have told their girlfriends & it would have gotten back to zanab?

  28. EXACTLY! Five other men were there plus their friends and family. It’s hard to believe if absolutely no one knew about this scenario.

  29. Yeah, I had a feeling there was something more to the story since she has pretty subjective views of literally every situation ever. He was clearly talking about how much food they were going to be eating and even seemed excited! He was also pretty concerned when she said the only food she had eaten was a banana and peanut butter. He said something like, “that’s Al you’ve eaten?! What!! Why?!”

  30. Maybe they want you to pump the syrup in and then dump it out. They don’t actually want toffee nut, just the essence of toffee nut

  31. We got a mobile order the other day for a passion with the mod "Heavy Tea" and no one knew what it meant or how the customer was able to add it

  32. I had the same thing with one of the teas/ refreshers but with lemonade. It said “heavy lemonade” and I was so confused!

  33. I grew up in Frankfort, Illinois but my guess would be Frankfurt, Germany is vastly better than Frankfort, Illinois even if it is underwhelming

  34. I feel this so hard. I just find everything so unexciting and I have an idea of some of the things that could be contributing to that but I don’t know for sure. I don’t like my job at all and it can be toxic, I have a lot of trauma and the only ones left in my life are my dog and my partner, my boyfriend. It’s just not as fun without a community or tribe and I’ve never felt I fit in as long as I can remember. When my mom died everything changed and no one in my family (immediate nor extended) could be bothered to make an effort. Even doing things on my own, though, just feels so bleh. I don’t see the point anymore. There is literally a handful of things left that make me happy. I have an ever-growing to-do list because I don’t really do anything. One goal of mine is to get back in shape, I at least want to feel good and be healthy while I’m here.

  35. Gerry is absolutely an example of an ideal partner. He's so supportive and loving. I love him and Mary, they're so well-suited.

  36. I find it really sweet how Granda Joe is so intrigued by Claire being a lesbian. Especially since he has a “tough guy” exterior- the personality type, along with his age, easily could’ve been less accepting (or worse).

  37. He also doesn't feel uncomfortable acknowledging that another man is good looking. "Christ, but you're a fine specimen!"

  38. The scene where Clare comes out to Erin (before Erin screws it up). I love how Clare is all relieved & nervous & hopeful all at the same time and I just love Clare in general!!

  39. When OOP was writing about basically being alone in the world, no close friends, no family & reflecting on her Mum, I couldn't help thinking, I hope her Dad is prepared for the afterlife where he has to explain to his 1st wife why he left their baby alone in the world.

  40. I lost my mom 7.5 years ago and my dad did something similar to me a few years ago. At one point, I had literally no one except my little guardian angel doggy. I feel for OP and I’ve always wondered how my mom would feel about my dad and brothers and their choices.

  41. My go-to hand signals now are a thumbs down, to show my disappointment, or to wave my pinky at them, to show I know they have a tiny micropeen.

  42. I have a friend who sticks out their tongue at them, like a bratty child. It’s her go to move & let me say, the reactions are…interesting. From outright laughing to completely losing their shit.

  43. I used to do this to especially difficult customers when they turned around looool so kudos to your friend!

  44. Lol to be fair this was also my story as a Starbucks employee. Well, more so, wake up at 3:30am, give my cat a mandatory 5 minute snuggle session, make coffee while I panic about the bills I can't pay, take that damn overnight bus to work. Turn on the lights and I'm greeted by the mess the closers left behind. I can't afford anything Alexa-like so I'd turn on my email, sigh as I looked at all the annoying corporate peeps cramping my style, close the laptop, and begin making lattes for rich people.

  45. I’m at Starbucks now and it’s completely destroying my mental& physical health. I’m just a barista and from what it sounds like you were an SM. Oof!

  46. Do it! I was a store manager and worked at Starbucks, corporate and licensed for 8 years. Can definitely take a lot out of you, very location-dependent. If possible, try to find a small little location to transfer to or even a licensed store. I feel for ya ❤️

  47. Oh man, I can’t even stand being a barista but I don’t envy store managers. I don’t know how you did it for 8 years, it’s been about a year and a half for me and I am OVER it. I know it was a lot different before Covid, though, and now it’s a free for all. This is my second store and both locations had poor management, SSV’s that play favorites and don’t care about their jobs, coworkers that are unreliable, and I inevitably run around doing way more than I should because people are lazy, incompetent, or just don’t care.

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