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  1. I've been looking around and I bit the bullet and got the iPad pro 12.9inch and its good as a tablet... anything above just doing word documents, art, and occasional video editing in Davinci Resolve and consuming media Is what the iPad is intended for. There are some tablets from companies such as Samsung, Lenovo, etc. However they might compromise like fewer support years, software optimization, etc. Right now the market seems to be Samsung, apple, Lenovo, Huawei, and amazon. Although each company has their own "twist" on what a tablet should be. But the reason why there seems to be no alternatives is because of apple's optimization, long lasting support, and easy UI. Also not to mention that apple holds their value compared to to other tablets.

  2. I am using this desktop app, it does seem like the Discord integration is a little inconsistent.

  3. A lesson I learned from doing buisness on offerup, marketplace etc. NEVER BUY AIRPODS ON THEM, ALMOST all of them are 1:1 fakes.

  4. Ugh I hate when companies remove all their defining/recognizable features to look "modern"

  5. I mean they have a reason for this decision their justification is it will help with "cabin pressure" while in planes. But it could be a scheme to sell you their upcoming Airpods Max 2 or something.

  6. Just hold the back for 30 seconds... and boom no more accounts on it.

  7. Same here.. I was going to sell my ps4 and the dude never showed up I messaged him and he ghosted me... welcome to offerup.

  8. wait. I read through the comments and I still dunno wtf happened to you, OP...

  9. I got robbed meeting up with someone to buy a pc i was going to trade AirPods and 130 cash but then he punched me and took my AirPods but as he was trying to grab my cash someone came out and he ran, I still luckily have my cash. But I'm still salty that I lost my AirPods, but It was my fault for being so blind.

  10. This is why I bring my concealed carry on every meetup. Sorry this happened to you. People are scum.

  11. tbh I should have gone with my dad he has a taser and a carry-on.

  12. Bring them to apple (only if you still have your warranty or apple care plus cus it will cost ya like a million dollars if ya don't have a warranty still) they will diagnose and if you're still in your warranty you can get a replacement case/AirPods.

  13. I got scammed for fake airpods on Offerup before. I naively took the sellers word that they were legit. Never again.

  14. Yeah I met up with the joker and there were big red flags the transparency mode wasn't working the active noise cancelation wasn't working, and it was bugging, I learned a lesson NEVER buy AirPods on offerup lol.

  15. I got the same thing from a friend I think he got hacked or somin.

  16. If you want new buy it from Amazon or somin else and watch the price, then snipe it. I got my pair from OfferUp for 280 dollars :).

  17. Personally, I use airpods max's at home for movies/music and on small occasions, like traveling to my mom's house I use them on a plane. But for like going out to public places I use my AirPods pro's because they are easier to transport.

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