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  1. Aside from the gold, the first indicator that it’s fake is the 750 HP. The highest HP in Pokémon cards is 300.

  2. Unironically you are the thing ruining the fan base you try and act elitist even though you’re some fedora tipping loser, listening to music is the easiest shit you can do I don’t understand why you think you’re better than anyone for it, you apparently can’t even spell and your best insult is “new jan” use your brain I’ve been listening for years and ashamed that you are trying to represent the old gen community

  3. No one's being toxic we're giving you advice that you clearly need. Even if u need gogeta it's better to summon on let's say Gohan's ban er and get him with red coins instead of summoning on that banner. The value in Gohan's banner is much greater anyways so until u get the coins u need u'll have gotten good units along the way. Also int frieza is additional

  4. Yea but there's still gohan there. Wouldn't hurt to get a dupe while farming coins right

  5. There are people with 100% gods. Everyone's gonna pick them instead of a 69% gods unit. Think of a unit that someone would want but u rarely find it in the friend list

  6. Alright. First, the first team is the worst since gamma 2 and gogeta aren't even under ssj4 gokus leader skill. So yea that doesn't work. the second one's your best one and the third is bad because the units are old (teq goku and frieza and int 17). You have many units that u should awaken since they could help you alot. Let me make a list:

  7. Oh yea sorry I didn't notice that. Then yea u should buy him but don't get dupes. And remember to link level him a bit before using him

  8. Yeah, I wasn't expecting anything cause it was just a gamma 1 animation

  9. Yea same. I got my piccolo like 30 mins ago and it was just a gamma 1 animation

  10. Hi it’s the Star Build Strike Gundam Plavsky Wing

  11. Damn I got the opposite. I pulled gohan first multi and I'm still trying for piccolo. My multies on his banner haven't been the best either. Welp, good luck if u keep going ig

  12. Dude the strike gundam RG imo is bleh… bigass backpack that makes it impossible to pose without a stand and the joints also get loose fairly quickly

  13. The one I'm building rn is the providence RG gundam and tbh I think I've been scammed since it cant even be built properly

  14. Oh shit yeah I was wrong. It's a high grade. But damn why does this thing feel fake? Like, many pieces aren't clicking in and are always falling apart. Idk maybe it's the store that's to blame. I'm not giving up on gunpla tho, I still have many I wanna buy like barbatos lupus and gundam exia

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