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  1. Works a lot better when you've established the run game with the beast named Jacobs.

  2. Chiefs are probably a playoff lock. Bills too. Titans have so-so record, but they will win their division and make the playoffs. Bengals will probably win their division and are in. Kind of feels like the Dolphins will make it in, too.

  3. "This chicken is so a raw a skilled veterinarian could save its life!"

  4. Carr was a dude's fingertip away from having 3 TD's to Adams.

  5. Dude is 8th in passing yards, and that is with the league's leading rusher on his team, as well as missing key receivers most of the year. Let that sink in.

  6. JJ top 5 RB Adams top 5 WR Carr top 10 in TD’s Maxx top 5 DE

  7. Crosby is a 🐐, Perryman is a stud, but overall the defense is still bad. That's what needs to change.

  8. My gut says Crosby will be a Raider for a long time, and he and Perryman are the defense (someone else sometimes steps up, but not consistently).

  9. Lane Ghost is a cleaner, not a surface restorer. Looks like scratches on your ball, not dirt. You need to sand and polish, or take it to a PSO for a resurface treatment. Or you might need a deeper cleaning., like a bake oven or hot water soak.

  10. With a hot water soak how would I deep clean it that way

  11. Hot water soak will draw out the oil that is embedded in the coverstock.

  12. Real talk the raiders have scored less than 20 points in one game, happens to be the one game we scored 0

  13. Yes, the in-game situational play calling and overall strategies (particularly after half time) are often baffling.

  14. As mentioned already, that is the "pin" and indicates the position of the weight block inside the ball. It is a reference point for the person drilling holes in the ball. You have "pin down" (pin is below the finger hole) drill on your ball, which in general I believe makes the ball carry a little farther and hook slightly less.

  15. Just depends. I will bowl quicker if I'm in a bit of time crunch or if I'm in a groove and hitting the pocket consistently. Other times, I slow down because I want to work on my setup, approach and release. Or because the people bowling near me don't know about or care about lane courtesy, so I analyze their patterns and take my turn accordingly.

  16. Mr. Mile High Pick 6 Rod Woodson. Seth Roberts James Jett Justin Fargas Steve Wisniewski Chester McGlockton

  17. Great thread! Jogging some memories for me.

  18. What's the point of this post? The jets haven't really been a good org during that time surprise, surprise.

  19. The Jets are linked to Carr due to the Zach Wilson disaster. They believe a decent, proven QB will make them playoff regulars for the next few years, and in the meantime they can bring in a young kid or two and develop them.

  20. Being a 220 average bowler means it is very difficult to improve your average.

  21. If you want to get better, don't buy that ball. It is a plastic spare ball. Very straight, not great for strikes.

  22. Not bad really. In fact, I'm a bit jealous for someone 3 months in. You probably get low too soon, and you are a bit away from the foul line at release. I'd say if you feel like you are struggling, it's more about understanding the lane conditons and moving your feet appropriately and/or using a different ball.

  23. My advice is to provide a video that shows the full approach. Based on this limited video, he looks like his shoulders are pointed towards the gutter at release.

  24. Raiders have a losing record, Seahawks have a winning game record. Road game for the the Raiders. Seahawks coming off a bye.

  25. You are not going to be able to get a "custom" built ball (from the core out to the coverstock). There is a company that will put custom graphics on low end plastic balls. However, those balls are really only good for spares. Honestly, you are better off letting him pick the type of ball he wants (there are a large variety of balls that are meant for various lane conditions and a bowler's throwing style).

  26. Do you have any potential physical issues (wrist, elbow, shoulder)? How often do you plan to bowl, and how many games each time you go? You sound like you should be more than physically capable to throw a 15 no problem (even a 16), but if you plan to bowl a lot, the repeated throws with a heavier ball could wear out a body part. Especially if you don't strike a lot, as shooting spares adds throws to each game you play.

  27. What's the number above your score? Your league average?

  28. There I always potential to improve, even for the best bowlers.

  29. If he is an experienced bowler that already owns several balls, this is a tough question to answer. He would probably be looking for something fairly specific to match up with certain lane conditions he encounters. Also, he might be brand loyal.

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