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  1. This is a beautiful story. Heartbreaking that they were unable to spend their lives making a happy home with children and laughter due to prejudice and narrow-minded thinking. They have now to be together ♥️

  2. I’ve not found this to be true with the exception of my ex husband. We split for two years before we were married. A total of 23 years for us, 18 of those married. We divorced and he came back. Told him if no one else wanted him, neither did I.

  3. There’s something there that you can’t see or haven’t figured out. She’s not messing around.

  4. I wasn’t aware that blood sugar issues could be corrected with kangaroo care?? New one for the books. 🤦‍♀️

  5. I thought it said "constipation & chilli". I assumed it meant that the latter is a solution to the former.

  6. Same. Simply the most egregious thing I’ve laid my eyes on. Who the hell would do this?

  7. On the off chance this was a tick, should’ve been done at the doctor’s office

  8. Poor girl. Cone of shame and the droopy diaper. It’ll be okay sweetie, just stay indoors and rest. The gentleman will be round for walks in the park when you’re feeling better.

  9. That reminds me of the dude who hung himself while his kids watched and were screaming "Daddy No!" One of the few times I had to take a break.

  10. Whoa, I e not seen that. Don’t want to.

  11. The view is amazing but not sure I could do that.

  12. Got dizzy and started sweating just from the video. No thank you

  13. Warning: you will never be the same after viewing anything from this site. 👆🏻

  14. 3 looks like a phone and I can't stop giggling about the thought of someone being able to actually talk out of their ass.

  15. Best comment. Take my upvote and leave.

  16. What’s this kid do, suck on door knobs all day? I’ve never seen so many blackheads around and on the lips.

  17. How do you let them build up like that? Those things would’ve been picked out long ago.

  18. Death by firing squad for losses.

  19. If you have an advanced kid. Do the legwork yourself.

  20. This…👆🏻is absolutely amazing. What a great dad. What a great kid. I love this. Kiddo gets to stretch his wings and challenge his brain all with the comfort and support of dad.

  21. Was he just fucking with that dolphin? Yeet!

  22. Yes. Orca’s are known during some hunting to ‘play’ with their food before killing it.

  23. Dogs love having fun like this. So do most animals, they play for fun. Bees recently were recorded and studied to play for fun

  24. I saw that, really interesting.

  25. Just look up one video of a baby with whooping cough. That'll tell you everything you need to know about why you should get the vaccine.

  26. That was horrible. How does that get treated? That infant couldn’t even breathe. Reason we have all of these once eradicated diseases returning…anti vaxxers. Should be legal ramifications for this.

  27. Look up ECMO. It doesn't always work, and usually leaves the child with brain damage since there's usually always oxygen deprivation before being able to get it set

  28. My heart hurts to watch this abuse, that is what it is. Exactly what it is. Innocent beautiful baby has to suffer only to end up with possible brain damage at the hand of ignorance amd stupidity. I only wish these children were removed by CPS.

  29. I was hoping it was before -> after

  30. My eyes are bleeding. Can’t unsee that.

  31. First guy not even dead before he looks under his shirt!

  32. Ya pretty shitty aim. At least kill them first.

  33. Holy hell. Run, don’t walk, to the doctor.

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