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Travis McMichael sentenced to life in prison for federal hate crimes in killing of Ahmaud Arbery

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Before there was WAP, there was My Ding-a-Ling. During the summer of 1972, the double-entendre-heavy novelty tune became a surprise worldwide hit — rock legend Chuck Berry’s first and only #1 on either side of the Atlantic. Fifty years later, the song remains banned by many radio stations.

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  1. Feel like it used to be then all the ones around me slowly started banning it.

  2. From what I understand, the fully corporate-owned locations allow it. The locations where they lease the land, which is becoming more common, typically can't.

  3. Here's three short series I never see anyone recommend or even reply that they watched them, but which all have high production values, great artistic vision, and none of the "Anime BS" repeatedly called out in this thread:

  4. I don't care about the walk-run stuff. Bethesda seems to love adding what I call "dragged through broken glass" escort quests. Meet an NPC on one end of the map, they will lead you to someplace important. Across the map. Will they take the most obvious safe established roads? Oh hell no. They will stir up every hazard, ooze pit, step on sleeping panthers, sprint through a minefield, attract the attention of muggers, wander through a drug den, clamber down a cliff, swim past sharks, etc.

  5. I personally wouldn’t consider it a marble. To me marbles are made of glass and I assume this is being moved by some form of magnet, so I would call it a ball bearing. But that’s just me.

  6. The word started as marble, like the variegated stone. Then marbled glass. If you play the game of Marbles, though, some would use a ball bearing or "steelie" as an aggressive move.

  7. I have seen a bunch of these table videos, but this is the best set of patterns I have seen. Much more variation. The off-center designs, the bird design, the snowflake/asanoha pattern, swirls projected like a sphere, it's really good.

  8. It's funny cause the popular phrase is you get to choose 2 out of the 3 things when paying for something but you can never have all three...

  9. Old thread, but I wanna cut vinyl letters that read "Quality products" and "Ethical business" and slap them on the van.

  10. doesnt that happen to any business that wants to expand and scale up while keeping products affordable lol

  11. The real transition happens when a company goes public; the goals and preferences of stakeholders are replaced with the greed and vehement demands of shareholders. What was a good sustainable formula must now show growth month over month, quarter over quarter.

  12. There are a few "racial dot maps" available, placing a color-coded pixel approximately at each census entry. The original site recently closed because the 2010 data is stale and the 2020 has flaws, but several alternatives are out there. Very easy way to see how segregated people live.

  13. So, there's multiple challenges. One, a vinyl cutter; lots of people have a Cricut or similar. Two, a cutting template; as you said, there are freely available SVGs already on the net, no fussy measuring necessary. And three, printing your design on material such that it will look good, conform securely to the case's curves and bevels, and not wear off or smear in your hands. And that can be a challenge. You need printable vinyl material and an inkjet style printer, both of which are expensive consumables. The printable vinyl may conform, but I don't know if the adhesives are as good as the regular semi-permanent options, and I don't know if the printed surface can be treated to withstand hand oils. The pro stuff is done with a clearcoat layer fused on top.

  14. Well there are people out there making custom ones. Such as the portal and other game related ones. It's not much of a leap for someone to ask for a custom one by their own design.

  15. Are these really that good? There are some brands that reddit has drilled into my head. And whenever that happens, I am suspicious that I am being astroturfed.

  16. I am of the opinion that all the global brands are damned good for print quality and basic construction. However, Brother has my vote because they're (so far) the only brand that isn't predatory in their firmware. Buy it, it's yours.

  17. as cathartic as it feels, the sentence is jail time... not rapes or beatings or getting shanked, and we should hope all inmates are treated fairly according to their sentence and not the bloodlust of the angry mob...

  18. I appreciate your comment. Every time there's a post about prisons, people start fantasizing about extra-judicial barbarity. Seems to be mostly an American thing.

  19. How exactly are you divining the nationality of reddit commenters?

  20. There are a bunch of country-specific subreddits, but I'm not even limiting my observation to reddit users. Discuss prison conditions with people from other parts of the world, and it doesn't veer into jokes about jail rape or blatant hopes for a shiv in the shower. It's just a quiet recognition that jail is rough. It's my own personal opinion, with which you may disagree or counter.

  21. I think technically it doesn't have to be NVMe, since the 64GB stock drive is eMMC. But since NVMe is superior, that's what all of the upgrade options use.

  22. It’s because they were using that venture capital cash to get people hooked. Now that there’s some pressure on them to perform and generate a profit rather than just burning though cash they jack the prices up and hope people are too addicted to do things another way.

  23. Part of every "disruptive" wave is "how can we save money by skirting all the regulatory safety overhead" until they either learn the necessity of said rules, or are forced by regulators to comply. This goes for Tesla autopilot software and ungropable touchscreens, this goes for Uber and AirBnB, this goes for Door Dash, WeWork, crypto, etc. etc.

  24. ...ungropable touchscreens? What?

  25. Climate controls and radio stuff should be on knobs, levers, buttons you can find by groping around without taking eyes off the road. Tesla thinks otherwise.

  26. “You are MY bunny. I must rub my scent on you so the other cats don’t try to claim you. I shall call you Squishy. You shall me mine and you shall be my Squishy.”

  27. I will love him and pet him, and love him and squish him, George.

  28. If approach alignment can be kept to within an inch or two, I suggest you look into train coupling mechanisms.

  29. I was standing in my driveway talking with a neighbor when the new neighbor across the street flew his drone over and hovered about 15 feet above us staring straight at us. It was really creepy, it felt like a random person had silently run up and shoved a camera in our faces without a single word. I totally understand that it's a cool hobby that people get excited about but they shouldn't forget how creepy it feels to know someone is recording you blatantly from some secret location. Especially when they've gone fishing on a desolate lake by themselves, it seems like the opposite of an invitation to come buzz around me while I'm trying to relax.

  30. I agree with you. I totally avoid approaching others when flying my drone at a field, even if I see them looking up and waving. That said, imagine a Ring doorbell video of somebody 15 feet away, mixed with a weed trimmer audio track. Even the rare zoomable cameras ain't gonna actually get anything intrusive.

  31. Lmfaoo fr. They set the drone to lock into an object and rotate on its own and act like they’re doing something hahahaha imagine. Cool timing they caught the dude though.. wouldve been 100 times better if it was actually being flown and not on auto pilot, lmao

  32. Lots of FPV pilots use the DJI goggles but not the DJI drone. Orbiting in that case is entirely manual and a bit tough at lower speeds to keep it smooth. Given that the video is level throughout, the chances are much higher that it's a DJI drone with camera gimbal and orbit assistance, or a non-DJI with the secondary GoPro strapped on doing the leveling but the orbit maneuvering is still manual. Given the altitude changes during the orbit, I am gonna say this was probably manually piloted.

  33. From were did you move to Portland?* can’t be ending sentences with prepositions!

  34. This is the sort of nonsense up with which I cannot put.

  35. I just zoomed in. No sharp corners. You're right, cnc router. Looks like a 1/8" endmill

  36. It's larger than it looks. OP says 1/4" compression bit elsewhere in the thread.

  37. My sixth grade teacher commandeered an unused classroom at the corner of the school, built a 1/4 Watt radio station so anyone within the school yard could tune in. The "station" had two 45rpm turntables and about 200 single vinyl records including all these silly songs. Good kids from his class could sign up for lunch hour duty as DJs, trained on how to announce every song and cue the next disc to hit speed. For all the kids who had no radio, worry not, a loudspeaker was mounted out the window, and a call-in telephone handset hung from the wall.

  38. Wow I wonder if they got it home like that. I don't think those dolly wheels move very fast.

  39. They usually move as fast as the dolly, until they suddenly and permanently don't.

  40. While monkey pox is predominantly transmitted by contact, the WHO does list 'respiratory droplet' as a vector.

  41. I didn't even get that far. My game stopped loading textures where you first play as Franklin and have to drive the repo'd car back to Simeon. Wish I could help dude. Hopefully someone can.

  42. That sounds like the recent GTAV patch issue. Memory leak.

  43. But you need it for one of the limit break weapons iirc?

  44. You need to be missed 200x in a row without leaving an area, like OP's screen, to get the Venus Sigil, a pre-req for the Celestial Weapon for Lulu called the Onion Knight.

  45. Well, a .bat file will depend on Windows, so you have to do the equivalent steps in the batch file manually in a Linux shell. Guessing you already are trying to do just that.

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