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  1. How do you get the R/ thing up. Idk how the fuck to do it.

  2. This game about to lose half its player base 😂

  3. Im not buying mt so I’ll be fine right ? Also is it save to buy it ?

  4. I already looked up If Muggsy could get it but sadly he can’t get that badge

  5. Einfluss der Memekultur auf das Heranwachsen und die Entwicklung westlicher Jugendlicher (Schwerpunkt Jungen (12-18J) und deren Datingverhalten sowie Erfahrung).

  6. Das klingt irgendwie als würde da jemand Pädagogik studieren oder etwas Vergleichbares

  7. If you're gonna play Fallout 76, but don't want the online aspect. Just play Fallout 4. It's pretty much the exact same game apart from the map

  8. Because Paul Pelosi was a hostage and the dude was waiting for Nancy Pelosi to come home so he could kill her. He just attacked at this moment, because he knew he was caught.

  9. Was Audi in the last game ? Also since they have vw and the company’s they own maybe they’ll come with an update

  10. For some reason i read this like it was another bites the dust by queen

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