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One Piece: Chapter 1079

I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

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  1. I think him dying finally brought him the peace he sought. Guy was tormented for so long, even living the life of an artist didn’t do it for him. He smiled at the end, death was welcomed.

  2. The fact that he has enough strength to protect an entire fleet single-handedly shows that he hasn't been slacking off these past twelve years

  3. Not sure if single-handedly was pun intended, but good one!

  4. Click on squad, then you can choose your mech and deploy (start battle)

  5. Why the hell is Riboku not BACKING away???

  6. Hello guys! Last week I made a post regarding the location of the water dispensers in Singapore.

  7. How do I get you to update the location data? There's one on the map from my area where it's supposed to be near a park. But currently it's in the middle of a neighbourhood estate LOL.

  8. A lot of people say things like its the work-life balance, cost of living, or some poorly argued form of an antinatalist argument... I don't buy any of that really. Almost across the board for every country that has gone from developing to developed - when purchasing power, standards of living, and workers rights improve and working hours decrease - fertility drops. People often use fertility as a side-argument to attack the government on different pain points that they have, and while many of these arguments are extremely valid and might actually lead to an increase in fertility, I don't think they get anywhere close to the root of the problem.

  9. I second the vote for rage of dragons, first book blew me away, second book was a strong follow up. Looking forward to the third.

  10. Was going to recommend the Rage of Dragons as well!

  11. This sounds more like polytechnic, given the drive car experience. Rather than your typical secondary school or junior college.

  12. It would be worse if they was still conscious however had no control over their body almost as if they were in the back seat of their own body

  13. That's what's horrifying about the concept!

  14. Everyone thinks they’re apologizing for what they did as a zombie, but my first thought was as dead they saw something they shouldn’t have.

  15. Ohh, that is an interesting perspective as well! Maybe they didn't do anything as a zombie but the things they saw, but couldn't do anything to help!

  16. Not sure if gorilla is meant to be an international misspelling, but if not, the actual word would be guerilla.

  17. You'll be surprised cause it is the same person who made music for Naruto and fairy tail

  18. No wonder the part where Machio was throwing the spear gave me Fairy Tail flashback whenever something cool was going to happen!

  19. I see So even with a $10 a month subscription for totally free delivery and in-store prices, that wouldn't entice you as well right?

  20. Haha, yeah. The 15-30% mark up shown on the app makes no sense. Especially since I live so close to most convenient source of food.

  21. Malls, as well as coffeeshops / kopitiams.

  22. I am not sure if it's genes, or it's the fact that I regularly drink >3L of water everyday.

  23. I honestly have no idea, but I drink plenty of water, and get plenty of sleep.

  24. The teardrop shaped fishball from hdl triggered my hives reaction lol.

  25. I hope someone posts a collection of all the detailed stills by the end of this. They're gorgeous.

  26. Can you send me a link if you ever found it? They are gorgeous indeed!

  27. Commenting here to save your reading goals. I too want to start reading a little poetry!

  28. Hey there, haha I see. No worries, thanks for the reply!

  29. Kudos to the couple! As an aside, giving to charity to help the less fortunate is more commendable than giving generational wealth to one's offspring.

  30. The article mentioned that they had no children, so this was probably something they planned from the get-go.

  31. Tehsiewdai creates comprehensive content in urban design and urban geography. Awesome content

  32. Yeah, he's damn great! And I believe he cites his sources and studies as well, which is even better!

  33. 24M going to 25 in 2023. I'm an introverted Eastie looking to really just explore what I like outside of my relatively mundane life.

  34. If you are into board games, you can try the meetup app where there are some board game hobbyist group that meet up once every week.

  35. I use safe space, and just look for a therapist that has years of experience.

  36. Aw that's too bad! This one would cost $125 USD. Then international shipping is usually right around $35USD.

  37. Followed your iG, definitely looking forward to seeing if I should get this. My budget for Jan is already looking tight x.x

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