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  1. By all means, cut out the people in your life that are repeatedly toxic to you. BUT if the betrayal was situational and you can find the strength to forgive them, you will ultimately be happy if you do it sooner than later. Don't wait until it's too late - by that, I mean, don't wait until time has passed, and you realized it wasn't worth the time lost between you.

  2. Same coming back through the international checkpoint from Windsor, Canada to Detroit. Our border patrol folks don’t play. I have a traditional Arabic last name and I’m black, and an American citizen born and raised. I was asked to speak up so they could hear my voice/accent. Also I get extra looks and pat downs at the airport about 90% of the time. I don’t joke, I typically say yes sir or no sir. Eyes forward. Just want to make it through safe.

  3. I joke with my wife that I get more play from TSA than I do her when we go on trips. I have an Arabic first name and an English last name that everyone assumes is Arabic. They will let my wife and kid walk thru no problem, but you can see their eyes on me every time I walk up. I once traveled with an Indian friend who was wearing a durag, must have been something out of the TSA training book because they immediately started harassing us the second we stood in line. Same thing, they came over and tried to strike up conversations with us to test for accents.

  4. Desagna Diop was hyped enough to be drafted #8 straight out of high-school, althoughhe wasnt as big of a name of others that year. Averaged 2pts/4rb over the course of his career.

  5. I'm not sure what you believe the definition of 'communism' to be, but it doesn't fit here.

  6. Infrastructure should be paid by taxes. Profiting off of people who drive on a road that should be public, should be illegal.

  7. Ok, let's increase taxes for EVERYONE, even those that may not use that piece of infrastructure that often.

  8. I can't comment on your specific state/city, but I can imagine that state tax dollars are allocated to your area's roads to help build or maintain them. Not everyone in your state uses the same local roads as you, but yet their tax dollars were spent for the betterment of everyone being able to travel freely. Besides, the money is already there, they shouldn't have to increase taxes, but budget better instead.

  9. Algerians are pretty brown, but if that were the case, they should feel safe knowing they are technically 'Caucasian'.

  10. They definitely don't teach that North Africans are Caucasians in American schools, so I'm unsure of what you mean.

  11. Too much adreline to feel it, I guess? Gonna feel it tomorrow

  12. Am I the only one that finds fireworks incredibly boring? They were awesome as a kid but now it's like seen one seen 'em all kind of feeling.

  13. What I see is my city that is perpetually "on a budget" exploding hundreds of thousands of dollars every 4th. I get that they are entertaining to some, but you can literally see 4 surrounding cities fireworks...

  14. Exaggeration is acceptable, but really hundreds of thousands?

  15. I was incorrect about the town I live in, but here's an article about the show in the town a few miles down the road. Keep in mind that the article was written in 2017, I think they have increased their budget every year since.

  16. For real, the pirate streams are much better quality and don't play the same god damn commercial every time I have to refresh my feed due to the service sucking. Everytime it cut out, I would have to watch the same stupid T-Mobile commercial. I paid for months before I finally gave up and went back to the alternative free streaming

  17. This just in: Mavs sign Cuttino Mobley to multi year deal 🤣😂😅😅

  18. So does this kid, and in ten years when he has weird chronic pains from this and whatever other stupid human tricks he figures out between now and then his doctor will tell him to cut that shit out, and if he follows that advice, lo and behold, the weird chronic pain will go away and he will just be a sort of flexible dude who doesn't hurt all the time.

  19. FWIW, I'm 38 and discovered I was "double jointed" in the 4th grade. Watched another kid hold his hands and rotate his arms from in front to behind him and vice versa. Gave it a try, turned out I could do it too! Performed the trick many many times and have no weird chronic issues. As I've gotten older, I have stopped doing it so much, but every once in a while, it feels good to pop them out of place and release pressure in my collar bones.

  20. I mean, we gotta know the rules in case the MonStars find their way into the NBA.

  21. If Luka can skinny then so can I, who's with me?

  22. It's miserable, but if you try a juice diet, you'll drop pounds quicker than ever before. I'm talking about getting a juicer and loading up on greens, fruits, veggies, and roots. Even better, you will feel amazing from all the nutrients, and you can drink as much juice as you want so you don't have to worry about starving starving yourself. The big downside is that you will long to chew something, so I threw in some fresh salads.l to mix it up.

  23. Just a massive calorie deficit wrapped in a pretty package

  24. I mean, is it even a pretty package? I guess I don't get your comment, because there is nothing glamorous about having to wash a ton of fruits and vegetables and drinking brown juice that taste like a mixture of things that shouldn't be included together. Nott that you can't make good tasting juice, but if you want the full effect, you have to use a full range of ingredients.

  25. Their punishment: Continue to operate as normal. Continue to collect lottery picks. Continue to be trash.

  26. Their punishment: Dolan never sells the team. 🤣

  27. Imagine thinking Dolan is a worse owner than Cuban lol keep screaming in the echo chamber guys 👍🏿😘

  28. I mean, what have the Knicks done recently? At least Cuban has kept the Mavs relevant...

  29. Was going to ask the same thing, it 100% looks like Oklahoma.

  30. I was going to guess Texas, but the grass isn't scorched enough. Also, noTrump flags, so maybe not OK or Texas?

  31. I'm only going with Oklahoma because I talked to my mom, who lives in Oklahoma, earlier today; and she commented on there being a good possibility of rain.

  32. I'd guess you are right. The radar shows storms in OKC. Hopefully no tornadoes or flash flooding, the ground is brick hard.

  33. Hopefully Mark Cuban can negotiate a discount for DTV streaming like he did last season. Made it very affordable and was able to watch pretty much every game (until the discount ended at the end of the season)🙏

  34. Elaborate on this? What's DTV stand for?

  35. DirecTV stream app. The normal subscription is $65, but Cuban negotiated a discount down to $30. I believe season ticket holders originally got first dibs, but then opened up to all Mavs fans.

  36. Hernangomez played the role of "Bo Cruz" in the Netflix movie "Hustle". Good flick about basketball where Adam Sandler plays his agent.

  37. It's worth a watch. I remember thinking it was also family appropriate too.

  38. Maybe not teash talking, but Jason Terry getting the celtics logo tattoo'd holding the Larry O'Brien trophy, stating he guaranteed the Celtics win a championship that year. He pulled it off prior by getting the trophy tattoo before the season he won it with the Mavs. Then, he had to go and screw it up with the Celtics logo.

  39. There's a lot of posts to scroll through, so I couldn't find if this was advised, but your friend may be entitled to medical debt forgiveness depending on his income level. Some hospitals (most non-profits) will forgive up to 100% based on income and situation. Their best bet is to Google the name of the hospital + financial assistance to see if they are eligible.

  40. Now imagine these people figuring all this out WITHOUT YOUTUBE..

  41. They didn't have youtube, but they had traditions passed down from generations to generations - their own set of instructions and rituals.

  42. Reggie Jackson against the Mavs. He tends to transform into peak Steph against us.

  43. In here with my other Mavs homies trying to remember all the random scrubs that have lit us up over the years and can thank the Mavericks for helping them get contracts (I think Dirk once joked about it).

  44. Morris has had pretty ugly games against yall. I think people think he is a bad player so relative to their expectations he plays good. He has had his best games against the Suns. 25+ ppg with great efficiency a few times. Knocking down everything even if it's well contested.

  45. I dont think he's a bad player, honestly would love his toughness on our roster. His stats seem to be about 20-25% better against us then his season averages, so the boxscore doesn't seem different - Its the energy he brings against us, playing rough defense and hitting big shots, even when he was on the Knicks roster.

  46. No one here posting about how 'off' his shot is could shoot any better then that. He didn't miss once the entire video?

  47. Well that's what happens when you judge a place to live based on reddit headlines and nothing else. Why do you think you only read bad things about Texas constantly? Do you really think an average person there is suffering and living in a hell hole? I've actually been there many times. It has its problems just like everywhere. Might be different problems but the average person there is no worse off then most other places.

  48. To be fair, I live on Texas and it isn't a hell hole. I'd give it like a half star better.

  49. I thought that's what the star on the flag was, the review.

  50. 1 star is too high, but there is no option to leave any less, so I guess they win by it default.

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