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Kingdom Chapters 715and 716 English

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  1. I have 1200 medals and I'm really tempted to grab both carrot and a brook carrot for future LLB and brook since I don't own him, should i just grab them or wait?

  2. Older ones m: Halloween Law (was not playing when he entered the medal shop) Newer ones: Hiyori, Toki, the 3 waifus and the new zoro

  3. Amazing work, but seeing this reminded me how one sided this truly was and also makes me think if he may be on par with the connector

  4. You mean to tell me she is sovereign of all of that(or eventually will be) you can say like 99% off all that terrain was basically unexplored/unexplorable but Damm she is truly a king among kings

  5. Read some other Mangas while you wait I'll recommend some,

  6. With the current events I will say survive

  7. They do ship to El Salvador but the cost is kinda high, I see that you asked if there was something like online shopping in here and if he could go and pick it up, the answer is it depends what you want to purchase if it's something general Siman is probably the best option for other things you will have to search

  8. Get in contact with the current team they need all the help they can get

  9. My boy Lihito growing his business, brain and brawn, respect!

  10. My boy said, gains yes but for my homies, I can appreciate a goods boss

  11. Usogui has a lot of panels like this, I fully recommend it

  12. I'm gonna be honest everytime they mention my boy roukumi dying it makes me laugh


  14. Enough to crush my head between her thigs

  15. I was actually re reading this and I just figured the poison actually worked even if they didn't stab the artery but your post Is more detailed and actually makes 100% sense why this happened

  16. Jikka definitely wins the KAT but idk about diff I think low-mid at most

  17. Thanks for the teams, that sugar team looks amazing

  18. Here at kfp we have exceptional work ethic and amazing work atmosphere, we serve every order freshly made and with a smile

  19. I would literally buy a volume of the Manga if It included all of ashura extra, my fav one is the Cosmo teaching judo

  20. Zhao king and prince of Chu are top 2

  21. In a old times if you were a farmer from some rural place you would be lucky to see some political figure let alone someone in the court, so they believe all of that king is god and is his righteous right to govern but high military people would only vow out of respect or honor or even both

  22. First and most importantly, Thank you, thanks for the work that you put in

  23. I'm glad I took Jack in this month token exchange instead of moria

  24. I dont know how but I need to save, I just hope that they don't put SHC on the Annie so I can safely skip it

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