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  1. I’m just happy this was the last time we saw this roster together. Saffee and drop can fuck off now.

  2. EG seriously needs to lose their ESL partnership and sort their shit out. This team has no business being invited to top tier tournaments. Ideally, I'd like to see them release the entire main roster, make EG Black their only team, and let Autimatic replace Nitro on Liquid.

  3. I’d say they should just grind in cash cups every weekend and stuff but they just lose to random mix teams anyway. Just sucks to see auti involved in this. Wish he’d just get a chance in Liquid.

  4. I just feel bad for autimatic at this point who’s still clearly good. He’s had the worst of luck since Boston. Hope one day he gets to play in a good team again, one of my favourite players and one of the nicest pros.

  5. Lmao. Kscerato had as many deaths as cynic had kills

  6. Round 30 is a microcosm of why this team sucks. Drop and Saffee you make it a 1v1 at least!!!!

  7. Whats worse, drop standing in the open on B site with 10 seconds left or KSCERATO killing 2 in the last round while he hides in a corner and never attempts to trade? Genuinely infuriating.

  8. That round when he was standing open was so frustrating. How can pro player be that stupid? literally any other position in site wins them round. He has 0 game awerness

  9. They’d have gotten to site with 5 seconds left. He just has to hide and kill the bomb player and the round is done. It’s baffling.

  10. I don’t understand the CSGO scene anymore lol

  11. Yuurih has been steadily dropping off in performance for a while now. Hard to believe this is the same guy that finished top 20 HLTV a few years ago when you watch him play.

  12. He was in the top20 just last year.

  13. Man, ITB are seriously fucking entertaining to watch. The way they were exploding on sites was nuts to watch

  14. CYPHER is the British BOROS.

  15. What is it with Boros? I have barely watched them even tho I'm so excited that a new Ukrainian team is in the playoffs! But everyone is talking about him

  16. Extremely aggressive player with out of this world aim.

  17. It’s the story of REZ, look good throughout challengers and get your hopes up just to shit the bed when it matters. Also k0nfig looks terrible.

  18. It's truly a waste having one of the best riflers oat in electronic as an IGL. They need to get an actual IGL and just let elec be a star rifler. We've seen this shit before with niko, it doesn't work and while they'll still be world class players the level of performance is just never the same.

  19. Terrible is a big stretch lol. He's not been at his usual level but before this major he's still been playing like a top6/7 player at worst

  20. It was a bit hard watching him at times during his event. His sprays were off, his AWP shots weren't hitting, everything just looked off. He's clearly declined a bit and even though he's still one of the best in the world I think his days of being #1 might be behind us.

  21. The job siuhy has done with this roster is genuinely impressive. Do MOUZ try to get him again after the Major?

  22. is Sunpayus the worst T side AWper in the top 20? he has no impact at all

  23. People who had a go at Brollan yesterday in shambles rn

  24. Dito isso, Namaso no banco no próximo jogo e entra a 2 minutos do fim.

  25. Evanilson a tornar-se vaca sagrada

  26. O Evanilson é tão patético

  27. A 2 minute video has sold me on Edge winning the title. Edge is fantastic at stuff like that. Wouldn’t mind giving him one last run before getting retired by Rollins but since they alluded to this title as the “workhorse title” I don’t think they’d put it on another part timer.

  28. I know people hated the crowd last night for RAW, but there’s no fucking way in hell they don’t go back to Jacksonville

  29. They were there last year and sold 5k tickets for RAW. They sold nearly 9k tickets for last night. That’s a huge increase. Yeah the crowd was dead and all that but if they have a market where they can sell 9k tickets with an improvement of 4k compared to last year then there’s no reason not to go there again.

  30. Nakamura lost but it seems like they are still going to put him in a prominent spot. Nothing wrong with losing to Rollins in a match where he got a lot of shit in and looked good.

  31. You always wanna start a new belt off with someone with cred, biggest stars should win more than they should lose (upsets can and do happen in sports, but think NFL, a team who is 10 plus wins is more likely than not to beat a minus five win team).

  32. Rollins is the perfect person to get it. One of the most over guys in the entire roster who’s been putting on great matches for years and one of the very few ones who didn’t actually lose to Roman. He’s one of their biggest and most established stars. People will complain the title feels like a consolation prize but then proceed to complain about Rollins winning it because it’s predictable.

  33. The crowd doesn’t deserve this match. So dead. This is a fantastic main event.

  34. Fair enough that’s a fantastic callback.

  35. I feel like this Miz and Shin thing is gonna turn into another Bar scenario

  36. That would be really fucking cool but they’d have to turn Nakamura heel unless they turned Miz face but that’s unlikely.

  37. Maybe Ciampa so they can get DIY back? A KO/Sami vs DIY feud for the titles down the line would be pretty dope.

  38. People want their favorites to always win every single match. Unless they win TOO much then they'll call them LOLCena 2.0

  39. It's weird because people hate matches that end in DQs so they want decisive finishes but then when somebody gets pinned it's still bad because the guy deserves more. Sometimes I feel like the IWC just complains for the sake of it.

  40. You getting a work out fighting this strawman? I don't see people complaining that Miz got pinned. Nobody's saying Shinsuke is buried. Nobody's saying no to decisive matches.

  41. It's all everyone was saying in the live thread, trust me.

  42. This is what happens when you treat every PLE like a spectacle and don't treat them like glorified Raws as they have for the past 20 years

  43. Your first point is one of the reasons why brand exclusive PLE’s would be a bad decision right now. I’m really hoping they don’t go that route. They’re on an amazing streak of great events this year (Rumble, Chamber, WM and Backlash have all been amazing) and I don’t want them to start changing things again.

  44. not only just have matches, but be fucking great at it, too.

  45. And he takes some crazy bumps in the process. He really does risk it all. One move gone wrong and his entire career could be over. You truly have to respect his dedication.

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