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  1. The international break came at a good time. I hope both Almiron and Gordon are healthy when the PL returns because there will be quite a few games in April.

  2. I would like to see Howe mix it up a bit with the lineup. If Targett is healthy enough he needs to start and also Gordon and Isak finally need an opportunity to start.

  3. This will be an interesting game from the perspective that most of the teams we've been drawing against recently have been sitting back and happy to defend, which we've not been able to break down and score much. With Liverpool playing such a high line hopefully this will play into our hands with players like Isak, and ASM hitting them on the counter.

  4. So this is where we are then already? Labeling anyone who shows any criticism to the teams' recent struggles against bottom sides is a plastic fan? That didn't take very long.

  5. It's the fact that some fans expect us to win every single game is what's annoying. We have hit a minor rough patch recently but we're still getting points. We are far and away exceeding expectations this season, with only 1 loss. Criticism is the last thing anyone should be thinking about when you look at the overall picture of this season so far.

  6. This formation at the moment is a mess

  7. Why don’t we use the left side at ALL? Every pass is down the right. ASM has been fine so far IMO. It’s not him not showing for the ball. It’s habit I think. It’s so predictable.

  8. Yeah we've become too predictable with most of our attacks going down the right. Teams already expect it and are starting to shut it down.

  9. Playing against a poor Bournemouth team is a good opportunity for us to get back to winning ways and push on towards Liverpool and the league cup final in the next 2 weeks. I think Howe will have seen the areas of play where we're struggling to score goals and fix them.

  10. There are some parallels with Lim and Mike Ashley at Newcastle. Both took ambitious clubs and destroyed them by not investing and didn't care about their image. I hope Valencia fans can some how force Lim out because at the moment they must feel completely hopeless.

  11. Yeah last season Targett and Maxi made a good partnership with each other on the left side. Teams now seem to try and lock down our right flank and know that with Burn as LB we don't have the same threat on the left.

  12. West ham came in with a good game plan to not allow us much space out wide, especially on the right side with Almiron and Trippier. If Bruno had started we would have won the game. We could not open them up in the middle of the pitch yesterday without him.

  13. They seem to struggle against teams that put them under pressure and play a high press, so this should play into our hands. As long as we neutralize their counterattack we should be fine. Newcastle 2-0.

  14. Did you know that “neutralize their counterattack” is an anagram of “Nicholas Pope”?

  15. I see what you did there and I agree

  16. VAR wtf. How do you watch the Fabinho challenge from five different angles for about three minutes and still conclude that this was only a yellow?

  17. It was absolutely ridiculous how that wasn't a red card. I just hope Ferguson is ok.

  18. One of the most deserving late winners I've ever seen after those Liverpool red card tackles

  19. I mean fair enough but there has to be better options

  20. Ashby is highly rated and the perfect age to learn from Trippier.

  21. He wanted to move back to England to be closer to his family.

  22. Can’t decide if I think Howe’s only going to make 2-3 changes or more like 6-8 changes for this one.

  23. I'm hoping this is the lineup as well. With so many games played in a short amount of time and another important one on Tues, let's hope he rotates to potentially avoid injuries.

  24. I don't mind this and having him 100% for Arsenal on Tuesday.

  25. How has Willock been developing? I know he was adding goals for you guys when on loan but havent seen how hes performing recently

  26. Willock has been playing really good this season. He works tirelessly in midfield and makes some great runs with the ball into the final third, as well as contributing defensively. One con is that his passing can improve a bit.

  27. For those wondering, the stream now appears to be working

  28. It looks great with the fenders. I've had the same bike for 2 years and it's been flawless. The only major upgrade I made besides the saddle is the wheels. The WTB wheels that it comes with are heavy, so I upgraded to some DT swiss and I could feel the difference right away.

  29. Thank you! I am very happy with it so far. 900km's down now. You know, my LBS actually recommended upgrading to some DTSwiss wheels. I decided to wear these out then go ahead with that upgrade when the time comes. I'm glad to hear it was a good move for yours!

  30. 900 km's that's awesome! I basically did the same as you, I wore the stock wheels out and then upgraded.

  31. Difficult to rate Isak seeing as he’s been as present as a fart in a hurricane

  32. Still scoring 2 goals in 3 games is impressive for someone who is new to the PL. And he should have probably had a 3rd if it wasn't for the bad VAR disallowed goal against Liverpool

  33. 1998 England vs Argentina is a must watch

  34. Amazing that we're on course for 76 points this season

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