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  1. What is your preferred playing style? There is no such team as a best team, but if you specified how you play, it'd be better. Edit the post description and ping me by replying so I can see and maybe tell

  2. i like to play aggressive hitting combos and such

  3. Sorry, I was out for the weekend, and well, if you like playing aggressive, literally and character of your choice should do good as a main. I would recommend Kakuzu + Darui/Haku as supports because their jutsu is kinda trackive, which is needed when the opponent counter attacks you and when you want to start a combo. They also have like this after-hit effect from where you can land your combos if you chakra dash towards them (at the right time).

  4. So my third should be kakazu or is that just a suggestion how would he fit into the team comp?

  5. Well, you could just sneakily delete the videos that you're in. It's not exactly kosher to go into other people's phones, but this is kind of a gray area in your specific case. He has videos of you that could negatively impact your future; you've done your due diligence by asking him to delete those videos multiple times and he's lied claiming he deleted them and is now refusing... So, if you want to save the friendship AND protect yourself -- shady as it may be -- you might have to resort to deleting them yourself since you have the means to do so. Less dramatic than taking him to court or beating him into respecting your right to privacy. There would be no salvaging the relationship from either of those, I think. But deleting some videos? That's not really that bad tbh. Up to you. Best of luck, whatever you choose :)

  6. I think i’m going too sneakily delete them maybe one every three days starting with the last pivotal one if he wants to lose a friendship over my privacy that’s tuff

  7. update I deleted the videos and he found out he actually apologized. He said I shouldn’t have had to go to such lengths to protect my self and hopes I understand that sometimes he gets wrapped up in his phone, and couldn’t see my point of view

  8. Ok, if they don’t have any way of reaching you, that’s very good. Stay off social media for a long time and try to go about your life. I also strongly suggest that you tell your parents.

  9. honestly i’m not worried about it anymore after reading through the subreddit if exposing a 15 year olds explicit photos is the only way you can make money than i’ll be praying for you instead of for me

  10. i’ll think about it i’ve been really hoping to trade it

  11. i’m about to just have a light fruit chilling in my inventory 😂

  12. Click the select button on your controller and navigate over to it

  13. Press the two little squares together and move it to pirates or marine then press it again to not be stuck

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