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  1. Ricky: See, that works. I sorta, um... well, not "like" it, b-but, but, you know, I accept it. It makes sense in a weird gimp way. It's the best you could do with the brain you've been given and the life you've lived. We can digest this answer, accept it, and then we can move on with our day safe in the knowledge that you, Karl Pilkington, are trying your best. Stevia Rave-On. Fuuuuuck me.

  2. Well done. Seal O'Green - Cee Lo Green. I was usin' me fables.

  3. Right, Karl. I can only think of Damian Marley but that doesn't work. You'd better have some amazing reason for this or we're never doing it again.

  4. You have to sign a liability waiver for severe injuries or death to visit a trampoline park. That doesn't mean you're consenting to be murdered. A liability waiver doesn't make a crime stop being a crime.

  5. If you want an example of what happens when Darren Brown does bad work, just check out Ghost Train!

  6. Or when he predicted the lottery numbers after they'd already come up.

  7. I'd say you're looking pretty good. Here are some improvements.

  8. Hello, sorry I've been off Reddit for a while. I'm still happy to trade if you'd like.

  9. Hello, sorry I've been off Reddit for a while. I'm still happy to trade if you'd like.

  10. Sure, I'll need to breed a Tandemaus though so give me like 5 mins or so

  11. No problem. I've got mine ready, the room code is 66775498.

  12. Thanks for the trades 🙂

  13. "Mother, Father... I don't want to go into the family business of being a blob. I want to be sharp! Sharp and pointy!"

  14. Duo is a Flying-type Pokémon introduced in Generation IX.

  15. Sorry for answering your question a week after your post, but I just came to Reddit with a similar query and found yours.

  16. Thank you, but this has already been fulfilled. I will update the original post.

  17. How would one know their Starly is shiny without hatching it?

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