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  1. I love how the Fox hosts are also quite baffled by what the jackass is saying.

  2. I assume none of the flanker brands (Fido, Virgin, Koodo) will get 5G in much the same way they don't offer the option of having a cellular Apple Watch. It's how they get people to pay for their more expensive primary brands.

  3. Virgin started offering smartwatch plans last year, so hopefully others will start...

  4. Highly recommend Terry and Roof Edge. Always great work.

  5. Without it we'd have had no fun since March of 1961!

  6. I worried my iPhone 13 Pro Max was going to be too much phone but I have zero regrets. I don’t know if I can ever go back to a small screen now.

  7. Anytime I've returned equipment to Bell, it gets tossed onto a big pile of other returned equipment. And anytime I've cancelled my Bell service, I always get a bill for missing equipment. So then I call in to provide the reference number and it's taken care of but what a terrible system. I've actually come to believe that Bell purposely don't scan the equipment when people return it so that when someone can't find their reference sheet / reference number for their return, the company can in turn bill the customer for "missing equipment."

  8. It's a terrible system. I basically recommend people call right away and give the reference number or hang onto the sheet because you will probably get a bill even though I entered it in that you returned it on your file 🫣

  9. I learned my lesson a few years back when I thought I had snapped a pic of my return sheet but then couldn't find it. Won't make that mistake again. :)

  10. Did you ever notice how men always leave the toilet seat up? ...That's the joke

  11. Having the same issue here. Have had to delete and reinstall the controller for the last two updates.

  12. I'd like a yellow boat please, with extra motors.

  13. Really gives you an appreciation for just how friggin' big those signs are. Cripes.

  14. Could I get that contact too, please? Thanks so much!

  15. I’m on the 1.5 Gbps plan and seriously don’t think I’ve ever broken 350 Mbps using the HH3000. Should I expect the next/new hub to be any better? Any idea how I can swap out my HH3000?

  16. It's been my experience that Bell only offer deals after you're "already installed" with a competitor. Good luck.

  17. “Tell them you’ll live to regret this…” “You’ll live to regret this! Thanks a lot, now I look crazy.”

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