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  1. I have 3 of those sitting in my queue. Average time of each is over 15 mins. Pay is now like 50 cents an hour lol. Not touching those with a 10 ft stick.

  2. I am a whole lot older than you, but in my early 20s used to visit with couples I knew and saw them every evening falling asleep in front of the TV (no cellphones then). It looked like a dull life. I worried about that, so I traveled, used hallucinogens, had different relationships and experiences, but stability had an appeal for me after a while.

  3. I love this comment, so insightful and wholesome.

  4. I'd be curious on what the estimate time was, and what the average time was.

  5. Both the prolific and survey said 90 minutes and it was a two part survey. Only like $6 and something an hour

  6. Ah gotcha. I thought maybe the researcher's estimate was way lower than what the actual time to do it was. I've never done one that long personally - my personal cut-off is 20 mins if I'll accept one (but Prolific is just super part time for me). I know if others use Prolific more as a full-time deal then accepting surveys this long isn't out of the norm. I don't have that kind of attention span haha

  7. Yes I just contacted their chatbot, it confirmed the same thing. A lot of people on here say it’s a legitimate site. But I’m still skeptical until I actually see it in my PayPal account.

  8. I think regarding this specific disability, it's hard to imagine working efficiently with 1 arm, because we have 2. In reality, if we actually had 1 arm, we'd be better/faster/more efficient than we think, because we'd have already adapted.

  9. 2 buckets, Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine, and Big Red Sponge. You're welcome.

  10. Watch a YouTube video about resigning. Easier than someone listing all of the steps...

  11. Agreed. I live down south and $2400 is easily mortgage money lol

  12. The new Kia Stinger Stinger. Twice the badges, twice the fun!

  13. I'm gonna start calling people eggplants now

  14. A half pill isn't gonna affect you that quickly/to that effect. You're overthinking it.

  15. Horrible ILPT. Throw this post away. As other comments have stated, this is a bad idea.

  16. Sorry you went through that. Regarding your tidbit about wishing you'd had done more research - honestly, side effects don't affect everyone, so even if you had done more research, I'm not sure if it would or wouldn't have influenced your decision (respectfully). I take fin and I haven't had thya happen to me, so it probably just affects a low amount of individuals. Good luck with everything

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