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  1. I can't remember too well but I think i saw a track analysis livestream where he stated the track was to date the one with the most tracks. But it wasn't something from the first 3 albums. It was either something from Djesse 3 or chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

  2. I cannot for the love of god figure out what key I am in with this chord progression:

  3. I'd say you're in G# major but are "borrowing" bIII (B) and bVI (E) chords from the parallel mode G# Aeolian, and borrowing bII (A) from the mode G# Phrygian. This practice is called modal mixture and when you get used to hearing it it's all over. Here's some

  4. Thank you so much. I thought about that, the only thing that bothers me is that it makes the sheet music (for the instruments playing over this progression) so hard to read when almost everything is borrowed. Do you have any idea how you would notate that?

  5. Kurt was a huge Beatles fan. They had an influence on his music. But naming specific elements would be very hard. It could be a number of unconscious decisions like vocal techniques, melody writing, chord progressions, little riffs inspired by others, etc. As many have stated, what makes the Beatles truly the Beatles? When you compare their earlier stuff with the later albums it's totally different. They redefined themselves all the time.

  6. I wrote this chord progression which goes:

  7. Okay thank you very much, so if we would say that it is indeed in C major, do you think I could describe it as this:

  8. A well placed minor four in major is really beautiful.

  9. Also a major four in a minor key

  10. Can someone help me analyze this? What key am I in and where do I leave it? Basically how does this chord progression work? It's basically moving down in halfsteps.

  11. If it were just Dmaj7 Cmaj7 Bm7 we’d more confidently suggest D major or B minor. Both have Cmaj7 as a common borrowed chord.

  12. Thank you for your input, indeed the two notes that feel most close to home are D and A. However, as a key D Major seems to be much better fitting.

  13. Don't worry about the choir. The more you sing the more you'll learn and a few voices being off in a room of hundreds won't stick out. Just enjoy the experience.

  14. Can somebody help me analyse this chord progression I wrote? I assume it's in Ab major borrowing chords from other modes or keys but I can't quite seem to find the roman numerals for this or understand its function.

  15. As with everything, only by listening to the melody we can tell what's going on.

  16. Thank you for your answer, helped a lot. I get that it lacks context but I didn't want to make this post to big. Considering the bassline and the melody accompanying this progression the tonal center definitely is Ab.

  17. Although he listens to the most basic pop music. Not saying thats a bad thing but certainly not musically challenging or "intelligent"

  18. Last time here in Austria it was sold out in less than a minute

  19. I think it's going to be postponed anyway..

  20. He is touring Djesse 3 in 2022 so I imagine he will wait a while... sigh...

  21. Isnt it a Djesse Tour? (Not exclusively Djesse 3)

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