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  1. Muscle memory is definitely a huge thing. Years ago, when I was learning the Mendelssohn concerto, I had to drill the random leap to high G over and over and over… today, when sight reading stuff, I can completely flub entire runs but as long as they end on that G, I know I will at least end in the right spot.

  2. Yea I think certain notes are recurrent themes :)

  3. Yup. It's a kind of mathematical intuition. Sometimes you even encounter little kids who, once you explain the concept, can just arbitrarily shift to a pitch you play, as beginners. No idea how that works.

  4. STD rates about to jump up. Maybe we’ll hit #1!

  5. I thought the point of only fans was you had to pay to see her in a live stream setting— so the kids wouldn’t actually have any content to see?

  6. I blame Tanger Center. People gettin busy after a hot and sweaty sesh of Les Miserables

  7. So this is what you do on company time.

  8. There are guitarists that play violin but I don’t know if I can stand playing the violin with those calluses on my left hand finger tips. I started learning guitar at one point then stopped when I noticed the calluses.

  9. They are dual ball-headed war clubs known as pogamoggans, weapons used by Lily in SF6. In world tour mode you go around learning all the moves from various masters in the game and can customize what moves your character can do.

  10. Kind of looks like he was hit in the head with that thing and it was cut off then grounded down

  11. Looks like he’s flying in a Cardinal direction

  12. Pro tip! Always pick against the outside ala of the nose, avoid scratching the septum because there are a lot of blood vessels in the septum that lead to nose bleeds.

  13. Looks like a lot of your skills just don’t synergize well. For example flurry is good AOE so you need a strong single target booster to help with bosses - shadow imbue is also AOE. Your better off using a poison imbue for big DOT.

  14. I was trying to focus on crowd control for life gain and more damage. I may need to focus more like you said, maybe an all cold or all poison build.

  15. A crowd control is a great idea and usually recommended. My point is that you want to be able to do multiple things with one build (AOE, Single target dmg, crowd control, defense) so you need skills that synergize well and are enhanced by optimal perk choices. Right now your whole build seems to revolve mainly around AOE - no single target dmg or defense.

  16. Will there not be enough skill points to invest in multiple damage types? I worry that poison trap plus poison imbue is redundant whereas poison trap and cold caltrops will do poison damage plus chill/freeze. Or cold imbue won’t add much if I already have cold caltrops.

  17. I’m not sure if I’m building incorrectly or if it’s just supposed to be like this but on veteran I can’t seem to survive the end of the dungeon encounters for the last two dungeons I’ve been to (around level 15-18ish). Playing a rogue with forceful arrows, flurry, caltrops, and smoke grenade.

  18. Bachelor’s in computer engineering. Didn’t like working to get other people rich and being too tired at the end of the day to volunteer/help other people. Went back to school to get postbacc premed and went to medical school. Now I’m (sort of) my own boss and my career by definition helps people

  19. If you can see Rosin after sliding your bow on your thumb nail then you have enough. At least that’s what I’ve been told.

  20. Can get about 60 fps on arcade medium

  21. There was an authentic (asian) karaoke spot (the kind where you rent the room and sing privately/with some friends, order drinks/food) in the super g mart area— you kind of have to go through a door and walk down the hallway towards it (ie it’s not an obvious storefront). Nowadays it’s not always open and you have to call them if you want to go. Haven’t been there since before the pandemic

  22. 4/4 violin, 1/2 violin, ns design wav5 violin, magic fluke cricket violin, 4/4 viola, 4/4 cello, piano, keyboard, cheapo ukeleke, classical (cheapo) guitar, otomatone deluxe, a few cheapo flute like instruments

  23. Same, started Diablo 4 but then got hooked on SF6.

  24. Use the analog stick. Join us in the dark side

  25. Great advice. It’s much easier than the dpad! Thanks.

  26. I play both viola and cello on like a Suzuki 5 level. I took lessons on both

  27. Is there anything you can do on the viola that you can’t do with the cello?

  28. On identical repertoire, viola will always be easier than cello in terms of hitting the right notes (so, setting aside tone quality and intonation). The cello and viola strings are each tuned fifths apart, but the viola can play the fifth using the fourth finger. On cello you have to shift your hand position to reach it (or in some cases just stretch uncomfortably far). Shifting takes time to do and precision to do correctly, so it's just more difficult on cello.

  29. Thanks for that. Very informative!

  30. I’m unfamiliar with that but I suspect you need to bounce up all three notes… maybe?

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