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Argentina have won their third World Cup title at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar!

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  1. Rashford is going through a purple patch. Saka is 100% the better player.

  2. purple patch this whole season so far? makes sense

  3. He was absolute dross for about 10 games in a row before the World Cup.

  4. I know this seems weird to say as a Nadal fan but I kinda hope he just retires. He puts his body through physical hell over and over again. It’s hard to watch.

  5. Darwin’s raw pace, power and movement means he gets so many chances. If he gets a few goals early next season, he’ll explode. Just needs confidence in front of goal and he’ll be world class. It’ll come.

  6. I'm just going to assume there is something wrong with your ability to read context in any tone.

  7. I would absolutely fucking love Rafa to defend the AO.

  8. He knows now that he has a target on his back and players gonna be going hard at his team and gk after his antics this wc. He doesn’t have Messi to save him like arg did

  9. You really think Jamie Vardy is thinking ‘I gotta teach that guy a lesson after what he said about Mbappe’?

  10. You really think Jamie Vardy is thinking ‘I gotta teach that guy a lesson after what he said about Mbappe?

  11. I get it's a bit weird to post your own stuff on Reddit, but I wrote what I thought happened to Dele in the DD thread yesterday,

  12. Agree 100% with everything you said. He only thrived in a system that was perfectly tailored to cover his weakness and showcase his strengths. Without that, he gets found out.

  13. That’s just part of the illusion. After all, he is one of the world’s greatest magic creators.

  14. Not that hot, traveling is stressful, imaging going from México City to Vancouver and then to Philadelphia, while your rival of the third match just Made the Boston to New York yo Philadelphia travel.

  15. If you make one of the best saves of all time in the 120th minute of the final then save two in the shootout, you’re gonna win the award. That’s just the way it is.

  16. Alcaraz and Sinner was the best tennis match I've ever seen and I've watched pretty much every "epic" over the past 20 years. Sooo ya gonna give a nope on this one.

  17. Strong disagree. But I respect how hard you believe this.

  18. Netflix should know whom the tennis fans wanna see in the docco. They should be Rafa, Fed, Djoker, Iga, Alcaraz, Tsitsi, Tiafoe and then somewhere Nick comes. Players like Kyrgios could only pull crowds to YouTube, not stadiums since they have tendency to turn their form off and on. I will play RG because mt gf wants to see Paris

  19. Netflix knows tennis fans will watch it regardless of who’s featured. They’re using Kyrgios to attract the casual viewer.

  20. Senegal were the only developing nation to qualify for the knockout stages and they have a coach from the same country. If a country can produce players good enough to reach the World Cup, they can produce managers too.

  21. Why are you only talking about knockout stages? Do group stages not count as the World Cup too because all of these countries who played in this WC have a coach who isn't of their nationality: Iran, Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica, Mexico

  22. I was literally referencing your comment that developing nations ‘will be group stage fodder’. Senegal proved that isn’t true, and they did so with a coach from that country.

  23. I actually agree with the title. Novak’s backhand is the GOAT, but Murray could generate more power crosscourt.

  24. I agree with the header. Also the greatest returner of big first serves.

  25. Strong agree. The way he dismantled big servers was beautiful.

  26. Every time. Every time I’m amazed at how Redditors fail to grasp the most obvious satire.

  27. I bet £50 on USA winning. I got swept up in the hysteria of

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