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  1. I mean the soul reapers aren’t good guys their just the least bad.

  2. He probably could’ve taken the fight more seriously and tried to kill him. Starrk had an opportunity to kill Shinsui, Rose, and Love but simple chose not too.

  3. You want to start on 542 (they didn’t animate the last two pages)

  4. There should be like a bloody sword or body or something in between them.

  5. You should ask the BBS subreddit I think I saw someone with a similar problem a few weeks ago.

  6. One thing I've always liked about Ichigo as an MC is his demeanor in battle. Unlike most people, Ichigo is rather cocky, condescending and overconfident. He throws his opponents' insults and trashtalks right back at them, and sometimes even toy with them for a bit.

  7. Right, Ichigo even remembered what Aizen said just to say it back to him months later.

  8. Mashiro is weird and hard to gauge, its almost like she belongs in another show. She only kicks and has never been seen with a zanpakuto, I mean even Hachigen had one and he wasnt even in the Gotei 13 lol.

  9. Wait didn’t grimmjow also do this wasn’t there panels where he had black claws in his base form.

  10. The author of JJK is pretty vocal for his love of bleach even did an interview with Kubo.

  11. Well, the man has a great set of abs! Finn would be in shambles if WWE will managed to sign the guy.

  12. He had an ab off with Tanahashi don’t see why he can’t have one with Finn.

  13. Gotta disagree, while this form is way cooler it would defeat the purpose of his original resurreccion.

  14. Kenpachi said it himself as long as your useful your not a criminal.

  15. This is just head canon but maybe Zanpakuto can communicate, wasn’t Zangetsu able to hear Nozarashi screams when Ichigo fought Kenpachi.

  16. Nothing that isn’t suited for family friendly viewing.

  17. Yeah, of course! Orihime was kidnapped and manipulated. Ichigo was impaled, multiple times, and Orihime witnessed his death and monstrous rebirth. Ichigo’s a child soldier fighting against beings 10s and even 100s of times older than himself. And that’s all immediately off the top of my head!

  18. You never really think about it until someone mentions it but a lot of shonen MC’s are child soldiers.

  19. He really needs to have a singles push. Charisma levels off the charts.

  20. Honestly if Cena doesn’t win at mania I think Montez should get the US title.

  21. No. but you never know sometimes WWE like to throw a curveball.

  22. Thankfully their themes seem like they'd be impossible to combine. Right???

  23. There will be a whole mini arc about them later in the arrancar arc.

  24. No, Toshiro says “vasto lorde are more powerful than captain class soul reapers” but that is a huge range, both Renji and Byakuya are both consider captain class. However, one couldn’t beat the 8th espada with the help of Uryu and two Fración while the other beat the 7th with very little difficulty.

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