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  1. and this isn’t a Sony group. Lol

  2. Oh I thought you were just describing useless stats

  3. Was today the day you decided to wake up and choose violence?

  4. This may be wild to hear but Canon makes printers and copy machines too 😮

  5. That I know. We get printer questions semi regularly.

  6. Want to see fireworks, a strawberry, or stormtroopers since I can only do one?

  7. It's the first result if you google Ford ecosport vacuum fitting.

  8. First one and I’m suffocating.

  9. I had to let my cousin clean my moms house. I haven’t been able to go in more than one time where I cried so fucking much I haven’t been back since. I asked my cousin to take photos of how everything was…

  10. How many members is the sub rated for and is the replacement free with CPS?

  11. I hate to rag on another sub, but I've felt so much more welcomed here in terms of discussion and posting pictures than I do in the larger subreddit not to be named. I have posted long-form, heartfelt posts in the other sub and been locked/shut down after the post had already become massively popular – just because it loosely broke one of their stringent rules for the subreddit. It's like... do you want engagement or not?

  12. Oh good. You did post. I was looking on who asked for this lens 😀

  13. So happy this lens was chosen, I have a massive backlog of photos shot on this lens and it's a fantastic one.

  14. Did that one semi recently. It’ll come back around though.

  15. Ah right, I'm not on reddit a whole lot so I must have missed it lol, what's next week's lens gonna be?

  16. I should know this but generally around the end of the month I pre schedule the LOTW posts. 😐

  17. This makes me quite uncomfortable, and seems like you’re steering your kids away from heterosexuality.

  18. I’m glad you realize it’s me 😌

  19. Does this mean EF 100-400 ii is allowed?

  20. No. I’ve been putting when the ef/RF are allowed at the same time

  21. They should know from a PIP why they’re being let go and that’s the last of it. I recently fired someone and said he didn’t meet the criteria laid out during the PIP and the decision was made to separate.

  22. Transitioning from peer to manager is a challenge. You need to have a conversation with this individual and set expectations quickly. Ask for their feedback and end it as a partnership.

  23. Guilt is a form of self punishment sometimes since it’s not your fault that person died.

  24. Did you have something life threatening that you survivored but they didn't?

  25. Not the definition of survivors guilt. Not only for life threatening events. Its more for any traumatic or tragic event these days.

  26. The lulz. It kinda gives off a film vibe

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