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  1. The thing that really pisses me off about these climate activist is; I want a better environment, less pollution, better walkability/cycling routs, more green spaces, environmentally good architecture, improved public transport, and the rest. However these pillocks do nothing but harm that aim. It can be done in a sensible way, without if costing the economy. But the sad reality is many climate activist are just socialist in disguise.

  2. They’re blocking the working men and women from getting to work instead of going after the real problem. Billionaires are laughing in their jumbo jets right now.

  3. If someone bumped into her and didn’t apologize I understand why she’s mad…

  4. I have a friend who told me he absolutely doesn't want his wife to have a boy because in his words boys tend to be bullies who are into sports(which he is not) while girls are kind and caring. I ended up telling him that was a sexist point if view but he doesn't seem to believe me because he keeps saying it

  5. We should hold boys to an equally high standard of common decency. Raised right: no child is a bully. Empathy can be taught. Parents who say: “It’s because he likes you.” When a boy insults, taunts, shoves or otherwise mistreats a girl perpetuate the issue.

  6. Lesbian here I’m big and tall and bald aka stereotypical obvious lesbian my wife is short and feminine with a hipster hair cut less obvious but still we look nothing alike except we are both on the big side. I’m an affectionate person touch arm or shoulder or a hug or whatever with my friends and with my wife it’s just a bit more simple intimacy touching like inside of arms or neck and sometimes cheeks both top and bottom. Point of all the over explaining is that people STILL ask all the time if we are sisters occasionally we hear cousins DRIVES ME CRAZY but people just assume the easiest thing it is for them to assume it doesn’t make them AH just a little bit oblivious

  7. Straight people, especially of a certain age( over 40 or 50) assume everyone is straight. If my wife and I were the same race I have no doubt that we’d get the sisters/cousins treatment too. When I’m alone people are visibly shocked when they realize that I am a lesbian woman. People will act like we are not together at a store if we’re paying and ask if our meals are together. I do not think that it’s all intentionally homophobic. Statistically most women do date and marry men. I don’t bring it up constantly, so…Someone recently forgot that I had a wife and I wasn’t even offended, I took it as a sign of progress. Some people think that being gay is not noteworthy. Good. We are a butch and femme couple too.

  8. Adorable. Excellent cross hatching too! What kind of pen did you use?

  9. I don’t see why she couldn’t move the chair for a few minutes. Personally, I check or ask before reclining and I only do it on an overnight. No one needs to 100% recline. Fortunately the person behind me was a child on my 8 hour flight, so reclining did not bother her. I don’t get how nasty people are for no reason. I am not super tall, but my legs are very long, so it’s less painful to recline.

  10. Beautiful! How did you get so good? It’s rare for me to see modern art in this style.

  11. Like the Benu crystalline pen holder? They are also called desk pen stands. I wish that there were more of them.

  12. You aren’t, but I just take the EF nib from the preppy and add it to the plaisir and prefounte. Then I have a great cheap travel sketch pen that takes platinum carbon ink well. To me, a preppy looks like a gel pen from the 2000 era. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not my favorite.

  13. NTA good riddance to that rank sweater. It wasn’t right for him to walk around stinking up the office without a care for anyone else. I do think that he just might get a new one though, that would be annoying, but it could happen. I think that he knew exactly what he was doing and that it stunk to high heaven, that’s why NTA.

  14. I fear that there will never be justice for Denisha or her LaCourtney. This should absolutely go viral and never be forgotten.

  15. Now lets find a video of a black kid walking through the streets of Japan

  16. This makes me not want to visit Japan if it’s true that Black people are treated like an amazement.

  17. Try recycled mulch, it never has to be replaced, that’s what I have on the sides of my house, in the front I have a layer of stones to help with drainage and then mulch with plants(not close enough for termites). Sometimes you have to spend a bit in order to save. The stones have lasted 2 years and look great! Trust me, the plants( short shrubs and perennials) look better than grass and add beauty and dampen sound.

  18. These internet racists think they’re funny, but they’re just pathetic. I am Black and I was hoping that the comments were going to be crying over his beard and inaccuracy instead. I hope that every online racist realizes that the comments that they make are not fake and that their racism is genuine.

  19. This breaks my heart. I wish that we could include you. Explain it to him like you’ve told us. Remember: that the family that you create together is beautiful. If he loves you he will understand. You might need to cut your family off completely or go low contact though since they’re so homophobic: their hate can and will hurt.

  20. "Figures do not include fish or seafood" ah so that's why Japan's so low.

  21. The only fast food that I eat is Taco Bell and mostly when there is no other option. There’s no way to put hidden meat in my black bean crunch wrap al fresco because its a vegetarian item. I check it first though, one time they gave me a beef one. So yeah…be careful. I am okay ordering a salad too: at least it can’t contain dead animal pieces or juice.

  22. Take it as a life lesson don't trust anything coming out of a fast food restaurant

  23. Taco Bell seems safe enough: you can’t put meat in black beans, tomatoes, tortilla, potatoes, guacamole—right?

  24. For women it is lesbian and then gay. It is almost like straight porn has serious issues and totally ignores anything actual women would like, in spite of women supposedly being participants.

  25. A lot of straight porn is rape fantasies from the male POV. I noticed that.

  26. Personally I’d prefer to eat a deceased being rather than kill one if I were on the deserted island and could not find anything else, but desperate times can lead to horrors, in real life outside of the hypothetical.

  27. Missing is a small stomach roll and maybe a slight double chin( if you scrunch your head down and slouch even if you’re very thin sometimes it shows). But it’s not sexy so he won’t draw that.

  28. Oh apparently those types of gifts are “uninspired” and “not personal” according to SIL

  29. I think that tickets to a movie or a play can be very personal and inspired.

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