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  1. As Andrew Tate said, anything above 20M doesn't make too much difference to your lifestyle.

  2. that's likely pocket change for him. seems likely it was just a case of a financial advisor saying "you should have some exposure to crypto in your portfolio" so he dumped a percent or so of his wealth in it.

  3. some exposure is basically him just buying some bitcoin and holding it on a wallet or reputable exchange.

  4. where's hte surveillance footage of the inside of the house and outside? don't tell me a man as rich as him don't have home security systems.

  5. TOS was way different. TNG era starfleet is kinder and gentler. And they're not in any large conflict or threatened at that point.

  6. this is not tng era starfleet anymore this is post dominion war starfleet. starfleet is probably evne more militarized post dominion war than starfleet at any other point in starfleet time periods. maybe except for the klingon federation war of 2255-2256. even during TOS which was 2264-2269 it was more of a cold war between the federation and klingons/romulans.

  7. going awol anywhere is bad. private sector you get fired obviously. in government jobs you get fired or jail time. in the military... definitely brig time and one of the following dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of all pay, and confinement of five years. .

  8. Three of them, not two. Two swooped in for close maneuvers but we saw the third turn to face the Van Citters as well and presumably provided more distant fire. I'd say it's fair that three of them could batter down a sovereign. If it had gotten there before the starbase defenses had been taken out it might have been a different story, but because it didn't the three ships were able to deal with single targets together.

  9. thats why i think bigger ships like the galaxy or sovereign need double warp cores like teh scimitar from nemesis. double shields. this just show how weak the shields are.... like the crown jewel of the fleet gets taken out literally with a one two. O_O

  10. The redundancy of having two would pay dividends. How often does main power fail in a season? In beta cannon Birds of Prey have two warp cores for redundancy. Probably a good reason why those things punch above their weight.

  11. or at least if not a full size backup warp core at least a 1/2 size or something. it would be stupid for starships to not have backups backup systems.

  12. in the past you needed ship models hence very expensive. with cgi now ... you can have as many ships as you want. ds9 was the first time we saw large fleet formations.

  13. If you think the E has no deficiencies after that battle, therefore it is perfect, then there isn't much point in continuing this conversation.

  14. the sovereign class is basically starfleets heavy cruiser class of the 2370s-2380s...

  15. since everything was set in motion after the yalta conference eisenhower had his orders and he had to obey them. but obviously the battle of berlin was a bloody one.

  16. It was sweet to see adult Arthur become a professional writer. And he met Marc Brown! Very cute.

  17. binky - weather man on a local news channel

  18. Oh come on man when you compare sailor enlisted uniforms to marine enlisted uniforms it's no contest. Sailor enlisted uniforms are leagues below a marines uniform. Navy officers on the other hand their uniforms are comparable

  19. that's why i split up the price points.

  20. Kirk was not Picard, had wouldn’t retire due to Starfleet militarization. “I’m a soldier, not a diplomat.”

  21. on top of that starfleet was demilitarizing. if anything old war horses like kirk were being forced out regardless.

  22. this tate fellow is a marketing genius

  23. Yes she is into that bondage stuff that is not something that would raise an eyebrow.

  24. as most men have commented since it doesn't happen that much in real life they would perceive it as weird and assume it was a joke.

  25. Income inequality is higher now in America than it was in the French Revolution....

  26. i think the fewer foreign substances you introduce into your body the better.

  27. How are they grifters they don’t even sell a course or product…

  28. i think people are harping on them for influencing people to follow their ideology. but you're right the traditional definition of grifter is no different than a snake oil salesman. you have to promise a product and not deliver. these guys are providing free content (at least on YT) of their subject. it's very complicated.

  29. ships have recorders surveillance cameras to keep logs of what happens inside a ship (just look at TOS court martial wih a camera recording the bridge)

  30. The TOS “historical documents” were from the Talosians.

  31. I mentioned the court martial episode not the menagerie

  32. well at least we know jus how important spock is in trek. ;D

  33. as kirk said there are just times you can't avoid a fight,

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