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  1. First Samantha Bee and now Trevor Noah. Comedy Central finally figured out they both suck.

  2. Joe Namath drank it and look what happened to his teeth.

  3. I think JJ Walker lives in a van down by the river.

  4. Yea but how did Bush get caught for this when literally every college player from a big school was doing the same thing.

  5. Now that circus sideshows are a thing of the past, we get to see all the freaks on cable tv

  6. My 600 lb. life. Beached walruses lying in their beds while their family members and friends bring them food all day.

  7. The 'excuses' for being overweight are comical. 'I was programmed to clean my plate by my grandmother', 'I'm a food pusher', and 'I always thought it was me'.

  8. They're cheap, you don't have to pay cartoons.

  9. It's amazing what you can you with a $25 advertising budget.

  10. Can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.

  11. Mashed potatoes, corn, cheese, gravy & chicken all mixed together? 🤢🤢🤮 but more like the pie eating scene in Stand by Me.

  12. KFC - promoting heart disease and high cholesterol levels (and helping increase sales of Pepto Bismol) since 1952.

  13. She looks like a character you'd see in Lord of the Rings.

  14. I still haven't seen an albino in a commercial.

  15. Nothing could make Flo look cute and cuddly.

  16. Kia sucks, so they needed to draw your attention away from the car.

  17. The Peloton commercials are the worst, who falls for this crap and buys this overpriced garbage

  18. Tell her she's adopted and see what happens.

  19. Is this the one who talks about how stressful medical school is?

  20. Is that the guy that's losing his hair and can't get a boner?

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