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  1. Haa, I certainly have the money but Just to put things into perspective I got the TV for $1300, so it just feel weird spending more than that on a sound bar. Lol

  2. I paid $2300 for same tv 77' a80cj from costco it was the best price i foundwherd you finda 1300 ?

  3. How is th e rear space ?? Thinking of an is but i got a carseatand dont know if theyll be enough space

  4. All German cars, except the BMW inline 6 cylinder engine models, are finicky even with zero miles. They are built like tanks and will last longer than a toyata. But that's only if you get the manufacturer recommended service at every interval. If you don't they will be nothing but headaches.

  5. Why're you replacing your sentra? Kia soul is a pretty sweet ride that ticks all your boxes. My brother owns a 2021. I drove it 500 miles to a national park and it was very comfortable. The adaptive cruise control was super useful, it had space for all my and my SO's stuff for a 2 week trip, could sleep in the back seats if I wanted to, and KIA has a great warranty.

  6. Out growing it need more space and more features and desperately need rear ac. Didnt even know the newer souls have acc ima have to check em out thanks

  7. Y hate on gohan cell the one who fucked up

  8. (,: i finally got one my dreams are coming rue i love you guys

  9. Ayo ill slide you a quarter and a half eaten sandwich if you can steal one for me

  10. Got mine at GameStop with no preorder

  11. The team is amazing literally been flying through stages with ease, got to stage 7 on fighting legend: goku. But get this, Bardock isn't even the star player in the team

  12. Nice bro! It always feels great when you get an lr, I got my first one about 3 says ago I think and it was Bardock along with Ginyu I did both of them together it was way easier that way. I'm working towards the other free ones, but I'm really close to agl trunks currently at 517 medals

  13. Same here just started a week ago do you have any advice?

  14. Hmmm I not very good at advice I was playing legends because my old Dokkan account got lost then I came back to Dokkan it gave me stones so I did the Bardock summon and got the featured Bardock and Gobros lr got back into the game then only been back on it for about two weeks before I had like nothing. But if I had any advice it would be definitely do the quests and make sure every time you get to a new area you the Z-hard hard and normal for extra stones I’ve completed every quest. But definitely grind for awakening medals for whoever the best units you have (duh) but as I said I suck at advice make a post on this sub and ask for any advice and make a screen recording briefly showing all your units people help trust me it helped me a lot. :)

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