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  1. Ppl like this remove themselves from the gene pool, but no one gives them a Darwin award

  2. nah, they end up with someone who matches their wacky energy and make super odd children

  3. The killer had no problems with their victims genitalia, the killer struggled with their own sexuality on how to view themselves. Not just because of their own thoughts, but because society told this person that what he was doing was gay, though the reality is his victim was a woman.

  4. yep! yet somehow people can't seem to make the connection between that issue in society and their part in making it that way

  5. Jordan Peterson response to not being able to give an answer in a public debate regarding god ? “I drank root beer a week ago and I felt an impending doom”.

  6. yep, and any of his fans ive met ONLY focus on the pregnancy / trans / weird hateful shit.

  7. Wow, you must run in some pretty shallow circles if his "fans" that you have supposedly talked to focused on "weird hateful shit". Maybe it's just a cynical interpretation on your part, idk. The dude is one of the most inspiring people I've ever seen or heard. There are thousands of hours of lectures on YouTube that have helped men and women become exponentially better people. He's saved lives, and that's not hyperbole.

  8. Jesus christ dude you really learned so much about me based on one comment, didn't you? 😂

  9. Ong that one cop just playing wackamole

  10. no it's repost trash that gets likes from a bunch of people who wish they were mentally ill (on the internet) and then go about their normal fuckin lives

  11. Neurodivergent? What the fuck lmao that's the most normie stuff ever

  12. this is almost exactly what happens when i start obsessively cleaning my feet

  13. My local spay and neuter was getting a couple thousand a year through this program. It was significant for their operation.

  14. these are the same people who think bananas are $10, they have entirely no CLUE how much an extra few thousand a year does for small business

  15. Does this mean Rick's didn't survive covid?? Rick's dessert diner was the hoot...

  16. If we don’t eat them, they over-populate and die of chronic wasting disease. And they are delicious.

  17. exactly. we got rid of the wolves, we should stop BUYING meat and just eat the wolf food...

  18. it was literally a question, i'd read people discussing how it was part of her show.

  19. It is when the only reason that is brought up as a tactic is because she’s a woman

  20. no substrate or anything to enrich him... hope its a feeding tank 😮‍💨

  21. Sad news. For the last several years, I’ve only bought off of Amazon using Smile. The Food Bank here got thousands of dollars each year from Amazon Smile donations.

  22. You know how I know this shits all staged at this point? These broads are TERRIBLE actresses... I truly can't take any of this seriously anymore

  23. I love gnawing on some overcooked meat tbh. it's just giant moist jerky

  24. HowToBasic also uses food that's about to expire, I mean no one was gonna eat it anyway so...

  25. I have a piece too, I find licking it a few times causes the trypophobia to cease to bother

  26. my fat 30yo self would still, and tbh im sad knowing these were likely trashed

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