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  1. Hi. I have the same problem. Nagpaload ako sa gcash ng 500 four days ago and until now hindi pa nagrereflect huhu. San LRT 1 stations ba na may booth na pwede po icheck? Please help 🙏

  2. Hello. If may NFC feature po yung phone niyo pwede daw po ma fetch yung load, itatap lang yung card sa phone. If wala naman po, try to check po sa mga booth po ng LRT Stations, hanapin niyo lang po yung beep e-Load station tapos lagay niyo lang po yung card niyo dun for about 10-20 secs po hanggang magreflect yung new balance niyo. Usually po katabi siya nung mga card machine na pang purchase ng Single Journey Tickets po. ^

  3. Hi :) cge ill try pag umuwi ako ng manila next week hehe.. also hinahanap ko din sa app yung fetch load, nka ios me natry ko yung pagtap sa check ng balance and working siya hindi ko lang mahanap ung fetch load po hihihi so baka sa android lang? Btw thanks sa info

  4. base po dun sa nabasa ko, dun daw po sa "Menu" makikita yung "Fetch load" pagka tap hehe pero di ko din po sure kung talagang hindi siya nagana sa IOS hehe welcome po!! ___^

  5. hellooo po, san po banda sa market market pwede bumili? tyia pooo :D

  6. update: nakabili na po ako hahahahaha salamat po! hahaha 200 pesos siya tapos may 60 pesos na initial load 🤣

  7. May isa pang sakayan ng UV Express sa tapat ng Savemore Novaliches Bayan. Katabi rin ng terminal ung BPI na bank

  8. ay oo nga nakita ko sa google map hahahaha! thank youuuu po hahaha magdecide nalang ako san mas mabilis mapuno 🤣

  9. alam ko na po kung saan hahahahaha nagets ko na 🤣 sa tapat pala ng dating iMall sa may stoplight 🤣 salamat po ulit!!! 💕

  10. Bakit naman po 😭 Sobrang haba po ba talaga ng pila? Matagal po ba? 😭 Saka wala po kaming aso eh 😭

  11. I work in Marketing, it’s always changing b/ social media and what stays in the public eye and what doesn’t.

  12. now that sounds really interesting hehe i guess you love what you do! 😁

  13. Pharmacy Intern here (working on degree) I love my field because we have the ability to help people with their medications. It is amazing how happy a person can be when they know how to properly take the meds or learn how to use their glucose meter properly. Seeing the patient smile makes my day. Also a lot of people do not know how many health related questions a pharmacist is able to help with.

  14. that is so wholesome ☺ i've always wanted to work in a medical field or somewhat be involve in a medical way to help people, but sadly i didnt had the opportunity to pursue it hehe hope you get to experience more in your field! goodluck on your internship 🫂 i can feel how much you love what you do and with that i wish you nothing but goodluck! _^

  15. Headphones so you don’t have to be forced to listen to everything going on outside or around you.

  16. you're allowed to use headphones at work? wow 😮 im kinda jealous bc i love listening to music when im doing something, sadly, i think we're not allowed to do that at the office 😅

  17. Can you listen to a radio station or your playlist on your computer? I know not all office settings are the same, but I just play music aloud on my computer. Quietly obviously

  18. tbh, im not really sure if we are allowed or not since its my first time working in a corporate setting hehe i just assumed that its not allowed, but if its allowed, i would love to play music while doing my task to have atleast something that will motivate me during work hours hehe 😊

  19. because its something that the person i like used to rhyme his nickname with hehe

  20. Hellooo po. Thank you po! Bali po wala mismo babaan sa Uptown Mall po 'noh? Baba lang po ako sa Uptown mismo? Hehe. Kasi ginawa ko lang po siya reference para lalakarin ko nalang papuntang Metrobank Center hahahaha. Thank you po ulit!! 🥰🥰

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