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Edge-Man [OC]

When you follow your heart, love is the answer

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  1. Very cool. Getting some Dorothy Wayneright (The Big O) vibes from her.

  2. Absolutely brutal, that was fantastic.

  3. "Stop! Right there, criminals! Cum-"

  4. These are amazing!! I hope to become a dice maker one day so I'm going into metal work, gemology, and blacksmithing when I get out of college. These are inspiring!

  5. You really don't need any of that to start making dice...

  6. Very cool! But why did you go for a D2 rather than a d%? They all look amazing!

  7. In my gaming experience, I flip a coin way more often than I roll for percentage. Most classes would never need a d% die in an entire campaign.

  8. Because it was explicitly against the rules.

  9. One of my favorite modern artists. Rest in peace.

  10. Finally I can justify needing a rolling mat! How does the bishop hat/fleur-de-lis dice work?

  11. When players start asking weird specific questions, you need to just ask what is the end goal. "What are you trying to accomplish?"

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