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  1. Sick pay starts building up on your first day of work, vacation time after one year regardless of how many hours you work per week! You can check your paystubs on mypartnerinfo to see how much time youve built up

  2. is sick time paid? would i just tell them i’m sick and still get paid or specifically ask for sick pay?

  3. There is no shortage of books on the retelling of Greek mythology but first, have you read Miller's other book, Circe? I know that would seem obvious but you never know. There is also Athenas Child by Hannah Lynn and Mythos by Stephen Fry. Probably a lot more but those are the ones I've read so far. You definitely chose a rich genre to enjoy.

  4. The obvious recommendation - Circe.

  5. probably gave up on reading books in like eighth grade and used spark notes all throughout highschool, yet now that I'm graduated and starting college this fall I want to start reading for pleasure. I heard of the book, The Song of Achilles, on social media, so I decided to give it a try and I've been really enjoying it. I only have a few chapters left and am starting to think about what to read next. Part of the reason I enjoyed this novel so much is likely because back in middle school I was drawn towards Rick Riordan's mythological series like Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus. I also loved the gay (I am) romance aspect in Song of Achilles. So, any recommendations on similar books or other novels in general that may appeal to me? Thanks for your consideration and feedback in advance :)

  6. I know this was 10 months ago but for next time that your visit Central Wisconsin there is Gypsie Hollow in marshfield (they have crystals, incense, candles, books, journals, died herbs).

  7. I’ve been to blue beads a couple times, love it there! i’m actually moving really close to it soon!

  8. they are being discounted this fall :( cherish them while you still can

  9. that’s perverted. If you really feel this way you need to seek professional help immediately. Stay away from children.


  11. i’m not sure exactly how novice your are, but if you make some moon water you can intent it with growth/ healing/ manifestation and it should be very powerful from drawing the rare blue moons light and also the energy of samhain. this water can be specially used to water ur plants or if you feel experienced enough you could use it in a spell jar. you u can use the internet or more the find more info in making moon water.

  12. Thanks for the advice! Googled it a bit and it seems a pretty good idea. It's just sad I lost yesterday's full moon, but I'll try it anyway.

  13. wouldnt last night have been a full moon? how did it go?

  14. i believe the moon light itself should do the job!

  15. I handed out candy to trick or treaters, went to friends house to eat and have a fire, partied with some friends, enjoyed the full moon outside, and also has my obsidian with me the whole time

  16. most culver’s should allow you to use both as along as you are not substituting the drink that comes with the basket for one if the mixers

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