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  1. Hacking and scamming is a very lucrative profession when it comes to crypto unfortunately.

  2. What people don't realise is that this could mean big trouble for Reddit as well. It's a risky move that has already brought a lot of negative responses for Reddit.

  3. MyAlgo inside job, the governance Ponzi scheme, uselessness of the Algo foundation and now this scammer's attention, Algorand just can't seem to catch a break can it?

  4. And now just because he has something to do with Crypto, it will Crypto's fault again?

  5. Exactly, him being a millionaire isn't important. Him being a "Crypto Founder" is where's the money at...

  6. That's why I keep my crypto investment profits(losses lol) to myself.

  7. "I spent eight hours a day on Reddit reading [crypto] white papers, thinking I’m making an intellectual decision . . . it was just ridiculous,” said one patient"

  8. We have been talking about that for years now... pump and dump 2023 by Elon Musk.

  9. Can't wait for his next move. I am sure he would have bought lots of Doge in this bear run and will find new ways to pump and dump in the next bull run.

  10. yup. i will not longer buy shitcoin. or ape de-fi into 1476% APY shit.

  11. I remember shitcoins with 10000% APY being shilled hard in the last bullrun.

  12. Yes, just have to bribe the right officials as a cost of doing business.

  13. 400k of investors money yes… Don’t forget how many families lost their life savings due to Luna and UST!

  14. Looks like Montenegro officials are happy mooching money off of him.

  15. What a stupid tweet, he’s literally asking you to sell you BTC because it’s low and buy gold because it’s high

  16. This dude has been advising to sell ever since bitcoin was less than 1k a pop. Btc has driven him crazy without any doubt. His ordinal collection speaks volumes of his madness. He's just a gold digger.

  17. If I make a lump sum purchase, a bear market is guaranteed. I’ve done it before and I can do it again.

  18. You can buy as much as you want now cause we already in a bear market I guess

  19. “It’s critical to recognize that Tornado Cash is simply a tool – punishing the tool itself simply because it can be used by anyone, including bad actors, runs contrary to the values this country was founded upon,”

  20. Just need to know what OP is selling so I can profit from the 10x it does by the next week.

  21. Prediction - US presidential election will coincide with Bitcoin's 8th halving in 2040 because 2 × 4 equals 8

  22. Prediction - US presidential election will coincide with Bitcoin's 16th halving in 2080 because 2 × 8 equals 16

  23. Didn't knew that Bitcoin told its due date to the author here. Why is he wasting his time telling us about it lol?

  24. What regulation made Binance leave Canada? Is it related to leverage trading?

  25. Can't wait for MasterCard to rename itself to MasterCrypto in a few years lol

  26. OP needing to confirm that this is a scam is the reason why these obvious scams exist...

  27. "CBDCs would threaten the liberties of law-abiding Americans and are being used by authoritarian countries right now to crack down on dissent,” Mooney said in a statement Thursday.

  28. Reading this kind of worshipping always leaves a bad taste for me tbh.

  29. The only thing missing here was the mention of Vitalik's big pp lol

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