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  1. You have no idea how much I share this feeling mainly when I was like "alright done".

  2. wait, so you can literally skip having to play PL and they're just gonna come back for star points again? i have Wasp Bo in my shop and I haven't played his season

  3. Yup you dont have to play PL at all

  4. Or just make the photonegative skin like demon colette thingy with blue skin and black hair it will take like 5 minute to make

  5. Wont be much of a demon tho. Tbh i wouldnt go with blue at all any other color would go better and idk about black hair since they dont really fit Collete

  6. Yeah, because the new players have literally 0 chance to get skins from before season 11 currently.

  7. Well i mean thats kinda whole point of exclusivity

  8. I use this situation to always kill them, works every time

  9. Well im able to do it always if they are alone and nobody is gonna help them since the one with 1st shot have better odds

  10. Valkire Janet will return next season tho

  11. They really are beautiful creatures

  12. They really are beautiful stupid creatures

  13. What a good Clanmate you got! Mine Clanmate took my money as a gift to me😠

  14. I think that you might be the kid if you call random people kid💀

  15. Calling people kid as an insult is most kid thing i saw tbh so its really likely to be the case

  16. Worked hard? Dude all anyone has to do is click the buy button. There is no working hard for them lol

  17. PL skins before season 8: Am I joke to you?

  18. Actually PL skins were introduced in S5, S11 was when they announced BP and PL skins returning from S11 and onwards

  19. No i mean that PL skins before season 8 were hard to get (maybe not smugler penny)

  20. Yep. Also if your card is under level 11, it will be under leveled. If it’s above, it will go down to 11.

  21. I already made a post about it so im aware. Yeah its just a way to suck our gold again

  22. Oh no you didnt have to see that its just that I can assure you that im already aware of this scam.

  23. I would have soo many questions if this was official

  24. POV: you are about to be sacrificed....

  25. Undo this update I will be happy afterwards. This seriously bring nothing good to a game

  26. Fck this sht you are telling me that they were able to ruin battle pass, party mode and challenges in single update? Ngahh man im out screw this.

  27. Tbf, it was much more understandable than cr's case. The game was too simple. Endgame content was non-existent. Brawlers were so easy to max out, but you couldn't choose which. They also doubled progression in the same update as the mess that gears were. And they worked to compensate for it in the following year. For bs's case, it looked like just bad execution. For cr, it's just greed, lol.

  28. No no, im not that much about a bad update but this post itself maily because i remember how CR players reacted to it back then praising Clash royale for being more F2P so this situation now is kinda funny in my eyes

  29. This is some weird mandela effect my guy. Cr got slash royale and lv 14 announced just before lv 11 got announced for brawl. It was the bs players praising then getting screwed(tho the bs team made it back imo)

  30. Now that you talk about it i see a patern that i dont like....

  31. I thank all gods that I was able to get my Builder machine to level 28 before this damn

  32. Super weak brawler. Moment someone get to you its basically game over since you cant do anything fast enough to get rid of them. Althrough its thrower meta(sort of) there will be way, waaaaay better picks than her.

  33. Hes been set on from the beginning....

  34. So does pheonix nerf do anything major? Like not killing spear goblins now or something?

  35. Dude still have Smuglar penny offer. I think this has to be pretty rare

  36. Well that was a joke, and why do you even go around and disagree with everything on the iceberg?

  37. Well if some of them are wrong he has every right to disagree

  38. This is why I love BS Youtubers. Especialy Kairos which have whole series for this kind of stuff

  39. As i carefully played 2 games of the party rocket challenge i can say

  40. Supercell: decrease number of tokens you get per battle

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