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  1. Tbh I'm almost certain I could do at least 135 on squats. My previous best deadlift was probably around 245-255 - but again, I felt like I was using mainly my back, which seems to be my strongest body part.

  2. ks_ says:

    i'm pretty much the exact same build as you and also primarily a runner and beginner climber, anecdotally I've worked up to 6-8 reps at 110-120lbs on the bss doing unstructured weight training 1-2 times a week (usually after run and never before a quality workout day).

  3. For overall fitness - your spot on. But the OP is asking about increasing max oxygen intake - I suspect that walking won't help that much where high intensity work will.

  4. ks_ says:

    if you can't jog for 30 minutes than you need to develop some semblance of an aerobic base before even thinking about the concept of VO2max (though in the OPs case they are probably just using VO2max as a stand in for general aerobic fitness, which is normal)

  5. I wonder if the 15 liter could double as a run commute pack, is it big enough to hold a 15.6" laptop securely?

  6. ks_ says:

    the reservoir pocket on the old 15L is sized to perfectly fit a 2019 13" mbp so take that as you will (you will probably need to use the main pack area and stuff the extra space with other stuff)

  7. Does anyone like the GTX/Goretex versions for regular use?

  8. ks_ says:

    define regular use?

  9. This is why I don't really care for hot pot. Like, why am I paying to go to a restaurant where I have to do the cooking?

  10. ks_ says:

    because yeah the ingredients are cheap and readily available but if you go to an ayce place you get access to a much wider variety of stuff than is practically at home. im sure as hell not buying a hot plate and filling my fridge with 10 different varieties of tofu and fish balls and tripe just so i can have a cheaper hotpot every once in a while.

  11. My thing is that what if I want delivery from some place in my neighborhood, but it's more than a few blocks away? (i.e. if I live in the West 60s but there's a place I want food from in the West 80s). 20 blocks each way is a bit far to pick-up food since it may not even be hot when you get it back. Whereas 20 blocks straight down a bike should be pretty quick and easy.

  12. Hold on you need to put a big asterisk on that since he only played 15-20 of those games last year with a point guard on the roster lol. Not saying he’s a sharpshooter but Ben’s holdout happened at a potentially disastrous time in Matisse’s development, and then this year he was in the doghouse all year for some reason

  13. ks_ says:

    harden was forcefeeding him those last few months and he was horrible, i remember a game where he had like 5 wide open layups and smoked all of them. He had some good games with harden before that though, and has looked a bit better this year. not losing sleep at all over trading him though, we dont have the time to develop him this year and he does stupid shit all the time.

  14. They should just close the entire avenue down for car traffic and make it a pedestrian mall with a bike lane.

  15. ks_ says:

    avenue b is an open street and perfect for biking since there's not that much cross traffic, OP should've gone up there instead. ave a is always a mess since its 2 way and there's always delivery trucks and dining stands and stuff.

  16. ks_ says:

    I have never run this race, but the start point on the NYRR and USATF maps pretty clearly correspond to your 2023 start point and not the 2022, no? its south of the 102nd st entrance but north of the next crosswalk.

  17. ks_ says:

    citibike membership is great because it turns those annoying 15-20 minute walks into a non-factor in 90% of situations.

  18. Personally as long as cars are as dominant in this city as they are I don't really want to ride for transportation, only recreation/exploration. I want to focus on where I'm going more than I focus on not getting hit by some asshole on their phone when I'm just trying to get somewhere. But I agree with the spirit of your point

  19. ks_ says:

    yeah, i just wanted to put it out there as one of the more underrated aspects of citibike membership, I use it a bunch to shorten subway trips since you're no longer really limited to your closest stations and can open up some more direct routes without transfers and more frequent trains etc

  20. ks_ says:

    ended up getting a 2019 synapse with 105 for around $700, the argenta might've been sick if it didn't get sold immediately. bianchi was not so good of a deal for its age.

  21. another factor is whether the rc120 as disk brakes. If so, you can accommodate much wider tires (I think 40mm) than the other two.

  22. ks_ says:

    yeah, would be the rc120 disk thats currently $680 usd shipped. Probably the smartest option but I also kinda like the idea of trying to find a good deal on the used market and doing a little bit of TLC.

  23. ks_ says:

  24. Are these lifestyle shoes or do they fulfill a purpose?

  25. ks_ says:

    lifestyle, these are salomon trying to cash in on techwear / gorp after the xt6's blew up. pretty overbuilt and heavy.

  26. But $35K with housing and food taken care of (if an org did that) would be pretty good at 18.

  27. ks_ says:

    doesnt sound all that compelling when you are giving up some of the more important social and professional years of your life for an IP that will likely have no relevance in a decade, especially if you come from a reasonably well off american family (which a pro gamer more likely than not is). why do all that when you can make more playing fortnite cash cups in your free time for no commitment.

  28. ks_ says:

    crampons or microspikes? if microspikes then any non-waterproof trailrunner would be fine, you can always add waterproof socks if you actually need it. for actual crampons you'd probably be better off with boots or an approach shoe, it's probably not worth trying to find a single "optimal" solution there, especially if safety is a real concern.

  29. A little pricey for a piece of active wear, but can someone comment about being able to run in this during very cold weather? Wind resistance? Will it be overwarm with a baselayer?

  30. ks_ says:

    no experience with this specific piece but the alpha120 + windlayer sounds pretty warm for running unless its very cold. Probably better for lower aerobic stuff like climbing / hiking / cycling. Something like the proton FL has less insulation and that can easily go down to 0-10F for running. obviously also depends on how much wind the face fabric lets through but its probably on the lower side given it also has a liner.

  31. Hmm I think I meant "anywhere within that general area" but I guess I should probably plan to stick to Newark/Jersey City?? (Just realizing that I'm probably asking in the wrong subreddit for that...)

  32. ks_ says:

    i think the amount of time spent on njtransit is pretty small compared to actually getting in and out of the airport (less than 30 minutes to penn station). if you're going to leave the airport you might as well go midtown and hangout in ktown / bryant park / madison square park. you should have plenty of time to grab lunch and dinner and get back.

  33. ks_ says:

    anyone else encounter this family of rats that has taken up residence in the east river track building in the past 1-2 weeks? running down that stretch in the dark you have to be ready to jump since they frequently cross into the turf.

  34. ks_ says:

    Looks like a 2019 model. Is this a good price with the scratches on the frame, is that normal city wear and tear or a sign of a crash? anyone have experience with the mechanical disk brakes on this guy?

  35. Do you recommend this? I’m going at the end of the year and thought about going

  36. ks_ says:

    book Peak for lunch / dinner, you get a free ride up.

  37. ks_ says:

    UA sponsors guys like Curry, Embiid, Brady, and Harper but still somehow can't effectively market their shoes, so I doubt they'll do anything with this.

  38. That craiglist is 404 for me.

  39. ks_ says:

    fixed, trailing character

  40. No on the defy. Rim brakes with no way to upgrade to disc. In your price range look for new bikes that have disc front and back and through axles. By direct to consumer brands or check bikesonline, chain reaction, decathlon.

  41. ks_ says:

    ah, missed that, thought they all came with disc brakes.

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