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  1. Deep throat while having your lubed thumb rub his ass hole. Slowly put it in and find the special spot :)

  2. How are you getting free cards? I don’t see this

  3. You need to be up to series 3, it's part of the new update. 1 free every month

  4. I’m at 3468? Am I series 3? I thought I was. I don’t see that option

  5. You tagged this as a meme. That’s incorrect. This is factual.

  6. My brother! That is some dope ass work! Better than a lot of artists I see while I’m in the comic shop!

  7. I’m a PC gamer for the last 20+ years… I WANT to be apart of and tell my son that I was one of the first to play a triple A web3 game!

  8. My man! You are a absolute fucking legend! Get that tattood on your back(or forehead) because everyone should know you are! I’m so proud of you and I don’t even know you!

  9. I literally just finished “the end” 8 hours ago. My wife (watched it for the first time) and I (my second time) just had a month and a half long binge of it. I recalled a bunch of the show while watching. But I totally forgot all of season 6. Honestly the ending made me happy inside. Jacks conversation and realization of him being dead when he’s talking to his dad really hit home. People have griped about the ending throughout the years. But I think it’s perfect.

  10. Honestly it does feel like this picture. Every single one of my friends and family think I’m absurd. I’ve sunk 40k over two years into gme. Literally my life savings.

  11. How is that woman still alive! F’n brutal!!!

  12. I didn’t get the post meaning until I saw this. Thank you sir

  13. Maybe he’s tippy toeing his way across the pool?

  14. A doggo. Want a dog to spend my days with :)

  15. I am, thank you. I retired from the Army after 20 years. I have an amazing wife and some great kids to boot. 😀

  16. Yo fuck that bitch! My brother is a retired war vet and he has a horror story as well. I can’t stand people that do this shit! Drives my blood pressure through the roof just reading about it!

  17. I was wondering how you could abuse/use him. Now I seeeeee

  18. Or a separate challenge mode. Like the danger room mode. U go in and fight against a AI but it progressively gets harder with more stacked decks. :p

  19. was wondering when the short attack would start

  20. Then shhhhhhh we dont want them knowing we know that rc knows and is flushing them out!

  21. I drooled out of every orifice I have :-0

  22. … bro… that looks ducking delicious! I’d swap your food for my wife’s anyday!

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