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  1. He considered getting pussy choked for a second.

  2. Dude destruction of Amazon wont destroy our planet lol.

  3. Příště se líp pripravte pane redaktore. My jako jedina strana jsme pro anorexii Ukrajiny. A nechte me domluvit.

  4. Kdo moc žere má moc energie na válčení a podobný kokotiny. Něcona tom bude .

  5. Shame that a news site tracked him down and he said he stopped watching mma when they started to implement the unified rules. He's an icon of the sport.

  6. Quick tip. Poměr míry hlouposti oného sdělení k počtu hrubek je neúměrný. Pozor ovšem na profesionální trolly, na ty je potřebná expertíza

  7. Vsak jsou to senátní volby, to se dotkne plzne asi stejně jako jiného města ne?

  8. What's wrong here is OP don't understand what's Diwhy. This sub is ruined with these posts

  9. Alexander isn't just a monster, the motherfucker straight up looks the part. He creeps me out.

  10. Lets spread awareness among crybabys that car doors are made to withstand the force. Never seen any damage done by slaming the doors.

  11. Pokud definujeme, že pole 3x3 řemeslného stolu je na horizontální rovině tedy rovině X označeno z leva doprava jako A, B, C a vertikální rovina tedy rovina Y je označena od spodu nahoru jako 1, 2, 3, tak musíš umístit tři vědra s mlékem na pozice A 3, B 3, C 3. Dále dva cukry na pozice A 2 a C 2 společně s vejcem na pozici B 2. Jako poslední jsou tři pšenice na pozicích A 1, B 1, C 1. Už zbývá jen přetáhnout dort do svého inventáře pomocí myši nebo kliknutím Shift+levé tlačítko myši.

  12. Teď jsi mu z hardcore modu udělal way too fucking easy mode.

  13. Honest question: it looks to me like he is over committed to the escape. Could the attacker just unhook and climb up the back, or at least pass?

  14. He was hanging to survive. That was rodeo my guy would charge back

  15. Well if we’re using this logic, God is also the greatest for making people beat cancer, survive ‘close af to death’ situations, etc…

  16. You can shit on god. Since hes imaginary you just put him under your asshole and push. Its that easy.

  17. RIP. Not her fault she ended up like that. Conditions like this are god's sickest joke

  18. Thanks for reminding us that its not her fault. I believed she chose this to be special till now.

  19. You seen the fuckin size of that thing? Of course he can.

  20. Its just optical illusion. His mouth is smaller than my anus.

  21. The second one he used dudes weight shifting from his left to right after a punch.

  22. Ne, ve schránce mám reklamu od všech tady těch kurev, ikdyž tam mam "nevhazovat reklamu"

  23. Asi je to rychlejší, než dřepět celý den ve špičce?

  24. You're probably right that it's staged, but I think it's sad we're all immediately getting to that point where our first instinct is to never believe anything is real anymore

  25. If we started to believe everything is real. Then we are 12 and theres some tiktoker doing millions out of the cringest content on us.

  26. Why isn’t there more no-gi Judo?

  27. Thruth might hurt you but 50% techniques not doable without GIs. 30% techniques becomes very useless as they are hard to do, easy to counter and innefective and the rest 20% of nogi judo you can see mixed in all kinds of sport like muay thai sweeps, wrestling throws or mma. But based on grappling and recent adcc tournament no gi judo is just not a thing by many reasons.

  28. Why would you make a mess all over the street, you can just smash it into a container after apilling the content.

  29. She’d get a bigger laugh because nobody wants to fuck her

  30. No way fucking her gotta be worse than listening to her.

  31. You'll also notice it didn't cut at the precise nano second he landed. Hopefully this will become the new trend.

  32. It's so cold. Let me take off my shirt so I can sexily show you how cold I am..... Seriously, why didn't she keep her shirt on?

  33. Its so retarded that it makes more sense if reversed.

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