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  1. Hey it’s got Counter Strike and L4D2, you’re gonna do just fine lmao

  2. Adding a comment here because this is getting a lot more traction than I expected. I don’t understand why so many people have an issue with how other people spend their money. This is my first PC and I don’t trust myself to build one, so that is why I chose to spend a premium on a prebuilt. I work my own job and choose how I spend my own money.

  3. Good for you man! Ive been a console player since the N64 days and I just bought a prebuilt PC like 3 weeks ago, (spent like $3,750 on the whole setup) and got a lot of shit from people too. Fuck em if you’re working hard for your money and wanna spend it however you want🤙🏼

  4. Definitely see a lot of smurfs in my ranked games, well I guess either smurfs or freeplay warriors, doin double flip resets/ceiling musty double taps etc.. like one here and there might be a lucky shot but when it’s consistent and clean it’s obvious they’re much higher rank

  5. If you are on PC, I recommend installing RL tracker. Youll See how many wins people have. The amount of nonfancy smurfers is wild

  6. That’s a great idea! I’ve used it before I got on PC to have an idea of what my MMR is but I’ll have to download it now lol

  7. Definitely need to go back and do the crazy ending (I forget the name, but it’s the one you gotta do a whole bunch of BS to get😅) then go and play Bloodborne 😎👌🏼

  8. Rocket league and Super Smash Bros are always good go to games👍🏼

  9. I never whiff I always fake, that's why I always use "Faking."

  10. This is awesome!! Would love to see a fennec 👀

  11. Don’t listen to these guys, that’s platinum talk lol this is the way!☝🏼

  12. There is a master list you can see what games are on PC that aren't on xbox and vice versa

  13. You'd be missing out on games that are console only, but if you sell your Xbox you're going to miss out on those anyway.

  14. Thanks that’s what I was looking for🙏🏼

  15. C3 in 3s, C3/C2 in 2s, and like P3/D1 in 1s, don’t worry about it cause unless you’re a pro then that’s how it’s gonna be for just about anyone!

  16. For way too long is the only acceptable answer unfortunately

  17. Anybody who played sekiro and has not seen Afrosenju playthrough of it needs to drop what they are doing and go watch that!!

  18. Are you trying to say GoW shouldn’t be a 10/10 or TLOU2? Or both? I’m confused😅

  19. Breath of the Wild. Lego Marvel 2 (the switch version is crap, it’s not even installed)

  20. Breath of the Wild is amazing!! And lmao never tried that game 😂

  21. Anything about being maidenless is definitely what I think of when I think about Elden Ring

  22. it s just because the traffic is so immense…

  23. Yea that makes sense but to start the game off on a good note you’d think they’d have it all ready to go for the massive influx of people for the first little while and then shut down servers as the traffic dies

  24. Yeah I’m hoping it’s something they can fix and I didn’t mess up my account by playing. Really want all my skins and stuff back.

  25. Yea tbh I spent some money on loot boxes n shit so that better not be all wiped😅

  26. Wow this is awesome!!! Definitely going to be my new wallpaper🙌🏼😎

  27. I also have a code if anyone wants it did post comment but it’s gotten lost lol

  28. That’s cool of you! Would def wanna try this game out, I just got to sucked into Elden Ring😅

  29. Do you have to be in the UK for the code to work? I’m in US but want to try the game out

  30. Elden Ring is the easiest, so many different hand holding abilities

  31. Mid D3 - low C1, seemed a little slower gameplay among some other things, anybody figure out the rank yet?

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