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  1. Sorry but I can’t choose one favorite, so here are my top series of 2022:

  2. The Prison Healer caught my eye, so I looked it up. The sample given by Google drew me in and so I just put in a request for it from my local library. Thank you!

  3. I have most of the theme. If you send a friend request to la7878, I can send some to you

  4. Username: la7878 Another Webkinz user: izmir123 Favorite item from Wish Factory: the cabin tent bed

  5. My favorite Webkinz Halloween items are the beds. I got all the ones I could that are kinzcash available.

  6. Yup. We dated for threeish years. Somewhat awkward, but I say worth it

  7. Love this set! I named my dog Chocolate and my mouse Squeaker. Haha

  8. Nice room! What did you name your bat?

  9. Can someone tell me what the last doll on the right is celebrating? The doll and dress is adorable!

  10. How much kinzcash? Interested in the glampire coffee table and fireplace

  11. I got a leaf on one account and an apple on another. Exactly what I wanted for both! ♡

  12. Just finished Dune by Frank Herbert. Three months and now done!

  13. It was good. I like that I was able to read into more than one person's mindset and see different angles of the same time frame. That said,

  14. THE SEA OTTER !! <3 also the Okapi, Majestic Tiger, and the Night Mare are super cool!!

  15. Newport, my sea otter, has long been my favorite. My lion and snowman are fighting for his spot though. Haha

  16. I'm sorry, but I have to disagree on two of your "wtf are these" molds. The caterpillar was part of the extreme pack pets and is adorable. It has a personality that actually fits the 2000s quite well in terms of personality. The other one is the standing dog (on the left of the caterpillar). Now, I'll admit I'm completely biased, but that is also adorable. I have the doggie dinner that came with the standing dog mold and it works perfectly as the dog was meant to serve their guest their meals. Great post though!

  17. Username: la7878. Name of Clydesdale: Roy due to sentimental reasons

  18. Every 5 minutes trash will appear at the park. The more crowded (Webkinz) it is the more trash will appear. The main trash is usually by the stage in the back left corner. :)

  19. omg thank you so much i just finally finished that quest!!!

  20. I have five. One of them on there is my first ever. Love this poster!

  21. Do some of the outfits look like hospital gowns to y'all?

  22. The Puppy Place series written by Ellen Miles. I used to be just like Lizzie, i.e. dog crazy. Haha It's a perfect feel good series involving a good family and puppies. I still collect them

  23. I have Kit and a just like me doll from like 2007-2009

  24. A country tile and a barn owl plushie. :)

  25. Paige. She seemed the most like me in terms of just wanting to have fun and having anxiety. I would love to have her family in the biography and mix it into a movie (sort of like Tall Girl) and use her leaving the Dance Moms show as the twist to the rest of her life. It's all there, she and her family just have to make it. Haha.

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