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  1. The temple themes are pretty damned good. Hyrule castle is epic as well.

  2. I'm not sure why people keep saying nobody acknowledges BotW's events when, IIRC, every Sage recalls you helping them. Everyone from Lookout Landing, the Sheikah, the Zora, the Gorons, the Rito, and the Gerudo all recognize you and acknowledge Link as a hero, presumably due to what he did in BotW. People from Hateno and Lurelin don't recognize you probably because technically those either weren't big parts or part of the story at all in BotW, so Nintendo played it safe and just kinda reset everyone's memories there I guess lol. It's mentioned that Zelda went to apologize to the Zora for Mipha's death during the Calamity. There's the school in Hateno teaching about the Calamity. I'm pretty sure someone, I don't remember who, specifically talks about Calamity Ganon being the manifestation of Ganondorf's malice. I'm pretty sure there were others, but I'm forgetting.

  3. Probably all the sheikah tech got dumped in the sea.

  4. The geoglyphs were always there, they just became visible because of the upheaval; same as the light dragon and sky islands. Zelda always went to the past, the murals always depicted her, and Rauru talking about a future where Zelda didn’t travel to the past is because he can’t see the future so didn’t know it always happened.

  5. This works to explain it well too, yeah. I just prefer to believe Rauru was right that she changed things by returning to the past. What Impa says lines up well with that

  6. I’m not sure what she says does line up with altered future. And even if it did, there’s no way she would know.

  7. If you think you’re out of their effect range, you’re not, shoot them even further.

  8. Same thing with the crystals, the range on those high end elementals has got me several times when I thought I was way way far enough away.

  9. Only if the contracted is more than the statutory. Since your contracted is less than statutory (assuming it’s your contract in the picture), you get the statutory.

  10. Am I Reading this right in that it adds weight to the theory of TotK’s flashbacks being way into the future from the other pre-BotW games?

  11. Whats the reward for getting them all? Shit again?

  12. Apparently yes, the reward is again a big steaming pile of Hestu’s best.

  13. Bugs me as well when I accidentally start the playback and have to restart the map.

  14. I think the easiest explanation is that the flashbacks happen during the founding of Hyrule, and that Rauru is the first king of Hyrule - exactly as the game tells us.

  15. There have already been several iterations of a new Hyrule; including one literally called New Hyrule in Spirit Tracks. There’s no reason this can’t be yet another new Hyrule, long enough after some kind of kingdom obliteration event that no one remembers there was a Kingdom of Hyrule; like how in Wind Waker Hyrule is destroyed by the sea and not many people remember it. Then Rauru comes along millennia later and founds a new Hyrule Kingdom.

  16. There’s only two places TotK can be without a lot of headaching trying to fit it into the timeline.

  17. What I especially love is the fact that most people in Hyrule seem to know who Link is, but most of them don’t know what he looks like, so they see this sort of thing and just are left to wonder if this gremlin person is the hero they’ve heard so much about.

  18. I’m hoping they don’t associate the burglar who breaks into their homes, smashes all their pottery and steals their savings with the hero Link.

  19. I think telling a player to ignore an option that would do something better then if they don't use that option isn't a good thing. Or, to put in simpler terms, it would be like if the game gave you an unbreakable weopn with 100 attack power at the start of the game and said "Hey if you don't like combat use this" and there was no way to turn it off. It would fix a part of the game for people who don't like combat but it's clearly going to cause more harm then good.

  20. The point is you’re not enjoying doing it that way. Maybe you’ll enjoy them more if you set yourself the challenge of not using recall in shrines unless it’s actually part of the puzzle?

  21. No one forced anyone to vote for the conservatives... so now this is what happens when people make dumb mistakes

  22. No one forced anyone to, but they were definitely misled and deceived into it.

  23. Idk man, the guy that once posted that towels are useless and that dressing up soaking wet after a shower is the real deal, is pretty much up there for me

  24. The gloom eruption that lifted Hyrule Castle was so powerful it shifted the world on its axis. Maybe Ganondorf did it to make the blood moon more powerful.

  25. I would argue that if a build cannot accomplish its primary function due to its design then the design is "incorrect" by definition. If a boat cannot ferry you across water it is not a good boat. If a plane can't fly through the air it is not a good plane. A controllable vehicle that ejects you from its controls when trying to control it is not a good vehicle - as the entire purpose of a controllable vehicle is to be able to control it.

  26. Or you end up with it being difficult to align three fans rather than two.

  27. It does feel a bit like a continuation of BotW rather than a new game; but then again it is a direct sequel so that’s kind of the point. Absolutely loving it though.

  28. I have killed myself by shooting a bomb arrow at something that turned out to just be a little bit too close so many times, it's not even funny.

  29. Don’t even get me started on how big the effect range of arrows with crystals attached is, so many deaths from what I thought was way far enough away.

  30. Personally, I really don't think it's likely that TotK Ganondorf predates OoT Ganondorf.

  31. Others do get reincarnated as well, like Beedle, so there’s not reason the young Twinrova we see can’t be a new incarnation of them.

  32. I agree that's the most likely option, but I've seen people use the fact that they're younger here to suggest this is pre-OoT

  33. Yeah, there’s been a lot of braining trying to fit it in pre-OoT. I believe it’s way after all the other games, it’s the least headache inducing answer.

  34. It’s the same map menu from the - button or wheel.

  35. Yes, my point is to access the map you have either the quick access with just pressing - or you have the longer access where you have to hold L to open the wheel and move a joystick (strange, I can’t remember if it’s left or right stick).

  36. Gotcha. You mentioned it is the main way because there is more buttons, I checked and both appear to be the same / same buttons. So, I don’t think there’s a real difference if you open it one way or another. Unless I’m missing something.

  37. No worries, I see it wasn’t clear from my first that I was implying the joystick move was another button; technically pressing the virtual button on the wheel.

  38. There's a difference between I built this pub and I built this pub, Mulligans. The immediate question a human would ask is, wasn't there an old Mulligans? And anyway there's the principle of both Occam's razor and the conservation of detail. When writing, it's pretty bad form to lie to the audience for no damn reason. If a thing says he's the first king of Hyrule, unless there's are reason to assume that this Hyrule and the Hyrule of literally all the games but one are the same. I would buy it if there was literally any reason to think a new kingdom was founded and rauru was thinking of that new Hyrule. Literally one piece of evidence and okay I'm fine with it.

  39. It's really just writing thing. You wouldn't do it. Its just not done. It's horrible story telling. Literally nothing matters if anything can be anything

  40. You’re assuming sky islands don’t move and Rauru’s temple of time went straight up and stayed there. And also that Rauru didn’t build his in the ruins of the old one, then launched his into the sky and the Hylians didn’t rebuild their version based on the ruins they found.

  41. Yeah, the cores. Couldn’t remember the name and none in my inventory to check.

  42. Yeah I’ll avoid as well depending on what gear I’ve got. The first time I chucked a brightbloom and saw a rock armoured, gloom infested white-maned lynel looking at me from far too close I booked it right out of there.

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