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  1. They never match exactly. Subtitles are for the deaf and hard of hearing not for people learning French. They are limited number of characters and so that's why they don't match exactly. As long as you get the gist of it is what matters. It also allows you to actually hear just a different wat of saying things. Unless something is made specifically for french learners, nothing will match exactly.

  2. That’s just so strange. I use English subtitles all the time and they pretty much always match

  3. I hope the story could be more convincing. Naughty Dog wanted to create a parallel between Abby and Ellie which was a good idea but some part of it was just too forced imo, like Mel’s pregnancy(like the relationship between Mel, Owen and Abby was just too awkward and shallow); Abby decided to save Lev and Yara but didn’t give a second thought about Joel who saved her too; why Marlene gave up defence Ellie and handed Ellie to Jerry?

  4. Tbh I don’t really get the criticism of “why didn’t Abby care that Joel saved her.” She’d been on a quest to kill him for several years. If I was dead set on killing someone who I had proof of at least occasionally being a violent maniac, I wouldn’t abandon that because they saved me from a few zombies one time. That being said, I think the way she killed him even after meeting a pretty helpful and nondescript middle aged man says bad things about her character

  5. I’m pretty ok with Joel’s death and like you said, it’s the consequence of being a violent maniac. And if Abby had a little more internal struggle that’d be more interesting.

  6. I do agree on the point that Abby lacked internal struggle pretty much entirely. I don’t really care that she didn’t feel it when she killed Joel, but she doesn’t seem to be affected by how her actions affect other people throughout the game

  7. On discography, they have a lot of unreleased stuff, mostly older. I would recommend the YouTube channel altereagle to find a lot of that music

  8. I think there was so much negative feedback on the LP3 heavy set lists during the LP3 tour that they’re pulling way back on new material this time around. But I would’ve loved to see everything on wasteland make it into their set.

  9. I’m surprised they would change mid tour though. I went to one last week and they played every song from wasteland except for honeysuckle

  10. I saw them for the first time in stl. Was not prepared for how much I cried lol

  11. I honestly don’t know. I have some guys that I am friends with, but I just feel like I never know whether or not they are still thinking shit like this. It can be so exhausting. Sometimes when I talk to men I feel like I’m fighting to be seen as a person before a woman or a body……I think seeing what so many of them say online has not helped at all

  12. Right there with you. Saw them last year at the pageant and will say this was a better show…in my opinion. Always great though!!

  13. It was amazing! I’m glad I didn’t distract myself by recording, but now that’s it’s over there are parts I do wish I could relive. Don’t think I can go to another concert that will have the same meaning to me tbh

  14. I’ll change ur fuckin life with my acoustic Blackbird cover 🥊 🥊

  15. Oh yeah? I’m gonna make you absolutely cum in your pants with my cover of Take the Power Back by Rage Against the Machine

  16. Understand and ride or die are definitely my favorites from lp3! I think I have to be basic and say Bambi is my all time favorite. It’s the first song of theirs I heard and got me into the band when I was in middle school

  17. You’re cute. It’s probably got more to do with how you approach

  18. You see the difference is u can say ur opinion here. If anyone went to the other sub and said some bullshit like u just did, the post or comment would be removed and they would be banned.

  19. Plenty of people offer dissenting opinions on the other sub! Even if they do get downvoted, they’re still up. If you’re getting removed, you’re probably being an asshole…

  20. If you had actually been to the other sub, you’ll see that they’re no different from a cult who insist that you have to suck Cuckma’am’s dick or you’re not one of them

  21. And I think there are unpleasant people over there, but it’s definitely better than a group of people who will freak out because I direct someone to the other sub. You all are hateful af! I didn’t even say anything bad in the original comment. Tricked this poor guy with a sub name and now he’s surrounded by a bunch of weirdos who make hating a game from two years ago their whole personality!

  22. Don’t pretend you’d have this to say if she didn’t specify 🙄

  23. Idk, if Joel came out looking like Marcus Phoenix I think people would equally criticize a game that's meant to be a little more grounded.

  24. Maybe find it silly, but there’s not shot there would be an “equal” level of outcry. People live to get on Abby because her physique is out of the norm. I imagine many of the same people would hardly take the time to notice a jacked male character

  25. It's not about being aesthetically pleasing. Do you not understand that many bodies can look ugly when you are jacked more than you should be?

  26. Ugly is the definition of not aesthetically pleasing. You’re arguing because you don’t like her body. Do you even understand what you’re saying

  27. is this in response to that post of mj straddling n peter? never opening reddit in public again lmao

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