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  1. A future iPhone that switches from lightning to USB-C, most likely a Pro model. Given their push for high resolution, Pro Res video, they really need to have a professional grade port on those phones.

  2. I would have also said that there is no chance they would release a MacBook Pro with no function row or escape key, no ports other than USB-C, the worst keyboard on any laptop in business, no SD card reader, no magsafe charger, and no option for more than 16 GB RAM, but they fucking did it. Granted, that ass head Jony Ive is no longer there, but still, I will never again count Apple out for doing insanely idiotic form over function bullshit.

  3. I actually prefer having 4 Thunderbolt ports in my MacBook, over a completely useless SD card slot that I will never use, and an HDMI port I rarely need. USB-C to HDMI dongles permanently attached (tied with wire rope to prevent removal) to cables in the meeting rooms at work solved the latter problem.

  4. Lynx has had a few fragrances called Africa over the years. The one I remember from the 90's was something I can only describe as vanilla scented vomit. It was the only one I couldn't be around. The current fragrance called Africa is more tolerable.

  5. Other than system bloat, it's not a problem to have it on there. The only real security issue is if someone untrustworthy has installed it and set up a password to allow themselves in without user approval.

  6. Team Viewer has had major security breaches in the past, that they’ve failed to adequately respond to. I would never keep that software installed on any computer.

  7. I don’t care what other people do for themselves. But if anyone comes to my door, they can piss off.

  8. The convention I've seen is that if you put Halloween decorations at your entrance, you're inviting them to come. Otherwise, they shouldn't knock on your door.

  9. I've had cheap toasters die regularly in the past, but I've had my current toaster for over 10 years now and it's still working amazingly well. Stop buying cheap, junky toasters. Buy a more expensive, good quality one that will last, especially if you use it frequently.

  10. I hate the changeover. I’d prefer to just keep standard time all year round, but I think it’s more important to just pick one time and stick to it.

  11. Do the Swedish meatballs come flat packed, ready to assemble into a cow?

  12. Because they're in the dairy section at the store. You'd be surprised how many ppl, usually in urban areas, that have no idea where many foods come from.

  13. They’re completely separate from the dairy section in my local supermarkets. In some of them, they’re not even in the fridge.

  14. The M2 MacBook Pro 13” is not good value at this time. It’s using the old design with the Touch Bar and thicker bezels. Either get an M2 Air, or pay a little extra for the 14” M1 Pro. But you should definitely wait a couple of weeks and see what Apple announces in October.

  15. There are no widely recognised certificates for front end. Don’t waste your time looking for such a thing, and don’t waste your money on any you stumble across.

  16. Not even a cert from a community college? They have a program near me and I was considering taking it to help leverage me in a job interview. Don’t waste my time

  17. I don’t know what a community college is. We don’t have them in my country. But I guess if it’s an accredited education institution, then it might be worth something.

  18. He brought 200,000 pages of documents home? There had better be an investigation to see if some other documents made their way to someone else's home.

  19. That’s from the Simpsons in 1996, and the song wasn’t originally about Barney.

  20. That’s interesting because a sleeping policeman refers to a speed bump in British English, which makes more sense. There are normally called silent cops, but Wikipedia agrees that’s an alternative name

  21. If there is any merit to the portless iPhone rumours, then perhaps the base model could get that, while putting USB-C / Thunderbolt in the Pro models. I can’t see them removing the port from Pro phones.

  22. Crabbies Ginger Beer. The best alcoholic ginger beer I've found, but sadly no longer being imported into my country for unknown reasons.

  23. My Airpods 1 still work great after 3 years. Still lasts long. Not AS long but still a few days worth.

  24. My AirPods 1 died almost completely around the time AirPods 2 were released. My AirPods 2 are still going strong, though. But I think that’s more because I use them a lot less now that I no longer commute to the office every day.

  25. You are literally made from the energy released during the Big Bang

  26. I bought myself some MSG recently. I just cannot get my partner to accept it on anything, and she’s even tried to disallow me from adding some to my own food. I eventually snuck some in to my own bowl without her noticing.

  27. It's the old stick that came with it. I upgraded it to the 8GB maximum. I guess I'm not sure why I still have it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  28. Hold onto the original RAM because if you ever need to RMA the device due to a fault, you can swap the RAM out before you send it back to Synology.

  29. I’ll do you one better, the Series 6 44mm (and maybe 7, but I bought a 6) “edition” was $850. That included a $50 band AND an exclusive sport band, so you could say the watch alone was $750.

  30. Even if my wrist could fit the ultra, the aesthetics of it don’t make it suitable for all situations. The stainless steel series 8 looks better as a more general purpose watch. I don’t know why you’d opt for the ultra unless you actually have a use case that benefits from the ruggedness of the Ultra

  31. That seems like a very unscientific test, and without any context or comparison with how other non-Russian helmets would handle the same treatment.

  32. On Amazon Prime in Australia, in the Apple TV app, it says I can get it with an additional subscription. But I haven’t found anywhere to actually add such a subscription to my account. Not that I need it anyway, since I have all the DVDs ripped and streaming via my own plex server.

  33. ITT, everybody assumes that dying water a specific color is an ecological disaster.

  34. Just because something is food grade doesn’t mean it’s harmless to an environment it’s not meant for.

  35. I didn't state or imply that anything food grade is harmless to any environment. Nice strawman. The comment was specific to food grade coloring in rivers.

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