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  2. 2x Mania main eventer back to back for KO babyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! LETS FUCKING GO

  3. Why are people hellbent on creating awful finish for the main event

  4. Black World Champion, something the world has YET to see AEW

  5. What is the point of bringing it up? Be happy for mello

  6. Having representation matters but there is a time and place to bring up matters. This is nxt show .lets celebrate carmelo rather than discuss aew not having a blck world champ.

  7. This just looks unreal. This is the type of disguise that people are unable to recognise in a Bollywood movie lol.

  8. Why is that unethical? They are using there own footage to promote an upcoming show

  9. Might have to settle for Omega vs Tyler Black

  10. Seth Rollins is just Cm punk if he was level headed and less bitter.

  11. Fuck off. If you treat everyone like this and judge people based on their parent’s beliefs without any proofs that the child is the same then you have big problems.

  12. For wwe: just watch the wrestlemania this weekend. They always have these videos packages that explain the whole story and it being mania that is a very good point to jump in.

  13. I dunno, from all accounts it sounds like they’ve been estranged for a number of years. He’s probably there doing other promotional stuff unrelated to WWE, but the man could use some good PR, so who knows?

  14. From where did you get that? He did classes at pc while visiting her in town

  15. As opposed to WWE who would just would never release the person and either make them sit home or publicly embarass them on TV?

  16. Didn’t the let dustin rhodes leave so he can go be part of aew and have the cody vs dustin match

  17. The cell is attitude era style and not pg era super size. Looks like edge or finn may break the top of cell ala mankind

  18. I kept thinking how the mask you are wearing is a perfect match to ospreys face to the minute details 😅

  19. Dont you dare disrespect goku. Lad died 2 times saving his son and was always supportive of all his decisions like choosing to be a professor instead of fighter.

  20. How did you miss the entire point that goku couldn’t beat cell. He was not as powerful as cell and knew only gohan tapping in his latent power is the only way. He could have beat buu in the next saga if he wanted but that was not case with cell. He also chose to remain dead so everyone can have a peaceful life as most of the villains showing up on earth was because of goku. And it did work. For the years he was dead gohan goten and chi chi had a very normal life not burdened with saving their lives or earth

  21. Finn is coming as demon so he will most probably not use the other side theme

  22. MJF is easily the best heel in wrestling. I'm not sure how far back you have to go to get to a better one. Bret Hart maybe?

  23. Roman reigns on smackdown right now, kenny the belt collector, environmental activist brayn, unhinged crazy seth rollins, hhh, vince, jay white…..

  24. She is from a different school. You wouldn’t know her anyways

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