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  1. Fascists can't conceive of apolitical justice

  2. What's next? Biden won't even threaten secretaries of state if he loses an election? /s

  3. Next thing you'll tell me is that he doesn't expect his generals to be as obedient as the

  4. Maga elite can't make Biden scary so they're looking for a new bogeyman to scare their base with.

  5. Epstein surrounded himself with power players, if someone's been around enough I'd be surprised if they haven't met him

  6. My grandma used to call me that

  7. ... oh that's what happened to my hoodie

  8. Manchin got his black lung healthcare funding for coal miners and accelerated energy projects approval. He got his and probably secured his reelection. So i don't think he cares what they say.

  9. Feel like the Harriet Tubman Commemorative Coin is to appease everyone asking when she is going to be on the $20…

  10. Did the Trump admin kill that? I don't recall.

  11. Affleck was the bomb in phantoms.

  12. Wait, did he not request those in discovery?

  13. He did. This a nothing burger legally speaking They asked for all text messages that reference sandy hook. He said allegedly, that he didn't have any text messages. He did.

  14. Sounds sanctionable to me.

  15. Yes, but supposedly it's a relative drop in the bucket in the long term and it's negative effects are substantially outweighed by the green aspects of the bill. So it's a pill I'm willing to swallow.

  16. Gym Jordan has an odd sense of right and wrong

  17. He's probably angling to run himself. He's not going to make any statements that he may have to walk back.

  18. His comments are always directed toward keeping him in office in WV. He knows Republicans in the past 30 years would never vote for this, but reelection comes around, his R+22 state will think he's spendthrift, but not crazy.

  19. She isn't wrong. When parents are working 2-3 jobs to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table, there isn't going to be much focus on the child's education, especially if the parents themselves were never exposed to a lot of education.

  20. If I win I'll bring back the Choco Taco and Frito Burritos

  21. Wait the Choco taco is gone? I swear I just saw a box at Aldi's a few months ago

  22. In politics, sometimes the only rational decision is to support the least evil. Between Liz Cheney and your typical MAGA/QAnon Republican, the former will stop at a coup d'etat and the latter will not.

  23. Cynicism is not unfounded when it comes to politics but making rational choices and voting on those choices are the only way forward. The world advances in mostly small increments. After a generation or more, you'll be suprised how far modern democratic nations have moved towards civility, good governance, and the rule of law.

  24. The Sheraton? That's a sweet view.

  25. What would be the least painful way to handle a potential future Trump portrait ceremony? Simply don’t?

  26. Put it up, throw a bucket of paint on it, and then drape a black curtain of shame over it. Then mount an ipad to the wall next to it with the Jan 6 hearings on 24 hour loop.

  27. Too bad that guy was too big and athletic for his feet.

  28. A left party will split the vote and elect a republican. We need a RIGHT WING party to split their vote, since millennials can't be bothered.

  29. We need to send the Republicans to the same trash pile of history as the whigs so that it can be safe for the democrat coalition to split into their separate factions.

  30. I take what Rove says with a grain of salt. Gavin is a competent administrator but politically brilliant is a stretch.

  31. Well i know it isn't because Mitch McConnell isn't currently holding up judicial appointments until 2024.

  32. Neil Gorsuch begs to differ

  33. Eh, i think the conservatives are tanking the agenda, but i don't think the left is helping by making Biden out to be the next FDR when FDR had significant majorities in both houses, and focusing so much on primarying moderates instead of boosting purple district candidates to increase the size of their majority. They focus too much on the ideology problem when it's mostly a numbers problem.

  34. Still amazes me McCarthy tried to put Republicans who were being investigated on the fucking panel.

  35. Ever since the leak, a part of me wonders if he did it as a show for the maga crowd while knowing they'd be rejected. Appeased the base while getting trump off his back, and gets to be an independent speaker if he gets the chance.

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