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  1. I’m just confused- why put garlic in them at all? It’s not like you need to season dog treats…

  2. Also my experience. Some of the most consistently horrible out of all the occupations I’ve served.

  3. Make a bigger “We’re Hiring” sign for in front of the White Castle. It’s not working, let’s making it bigger and in red. What? People want more money? No that can’t be it. Two signs.

  4. Waving at me to tell me that the person next to them needs a beer when I’m busy going down the line.

  5. Dude. I hate this one. “Don’t tell me how to do my job”

  6. Congrats- you’ve just interrupted my flow and now everyone’s waiting longer.

  7. Everyone thinks they’re an intellectual after they’ve been drinking all day. If their discussion is quiet and contained and not offensive I’ll let it go but the minute it gets loud or hateful (aka racist, homophobic, etc.) I tell them to change topics or change bars because they’re disturbing the other customers and me (yes as a bartender you are considered a person too). I have a zero tolerance policy for talk like that while I’m working.

  8. Bruh are you saying that Biden did worse things to Trump supporters than Hitler to Jews ?

  9. Yes that’s exactly what they’re saying. Just like being asked to wear a mask was like the Holocaust. Republicans are disgusting.

  10. This is a bar not a soap opera, go argue outside…

  11. He got a harsher punishment than a cop who shoots and kills a black person. Nothing he said was wrong.

  12. The Republican Party did not want to free the slaves, The Republican Party wanted the south to rejoin the union because they were fighting over land tariffs. Abraham Lincoln made it very clear that abolishing slavery wasn’t on the top of priorities and if the South rejoined the union they’d leave slavery alone.

  13. Your company doesn’t give a shit about you. Rob them blind.

  14. I work in a dive/patio bar where we only serve in plastic cups, people flip shit when I tell them their $8 Chardonnay is going in a plastic cup.

  15. “This tastes like liquor” is the comment I get most often.

  16. I don’t tolerate racism in the bar while I’m working for any reason. I’ve kicked people out for less and I legally don’t have to serve anyone. If they don’t like it they can come back when someone else is working. The problem with these assholes is they’re used to thinking they’re the most important person in the room and getting away with their bullshit. Call them out, say “that’s not okay it’s time for you to go”. If you turn a blind eye they will come back and bring friends and it will be worse. It’s disrespectful to you and to the other patrons. And it’s insane that they’re so bold considering they don’t know who you are, who you date, who your parents are, etc. Treat people with respect.

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