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  1. Just FYI when you need to find a new one in like... three decades 😂 I've found the Makeup by Mario stick in Light Medium to be reeeal similar to my TanTastic. Obviously not the same formula (one being powder and one being cream) but thought you might like knowing there is something pretty much on point out there!

  2. Haha I really thought this would last me for a decade but at this rate think 3 years is reasonable :D And thanks, I’ll definitely look into that! Is makeup by mario available in sephora? We don’t have those in Finland but I could order overseas

  3. Yep available at Sephora! Definitely won't last as long as TanTastic (just because that thing is huge ) but still. If you can't get it, maybe it can help to look for dupes of it online? At least to get a shade match. TanTastic is getting older and it's less "relevant" since the brand closed, so I've found more people trying to dupe MbM nowadays. At the very least it should expand your options :)

  4. It would help if you explain your previous routine vs now. Without knowing anything, I'd say cut anything that isn't basic cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen and stick to only that, however if you have many actives (like acids or stuff with a percentage) they often react negatively if used together (not all but some). It's likely to be that, but it could also be your skin has a sensitivity to an ingredient in the new stuff

  5. Great question! You might have more luck posting this on

  6. Depends on undertones and which colors suit you best. "Dark skin" just means typically you want pigment, and nowadays a butt load of brands offer that from the drugstore and high end

  7. Montreal too, however NAL. I believe there's a certain delay before he's legally an occupant, but last I checked (I'm not on my actual lease, I'm an occupant too) occupants have rights and cannot be kicked out "just because". Regular occupancy laws apply for evictions (basically don't destroy the apartment and be respectful with noise)

  8. Hmmm. I'm pretty sensitive and can become overwhelmed by loud things, I have some special ear plugs called Loop to help me reduce noise but still let me understand things.

  9. Ooh do you like those earplugs? I've seen ads for them but I usually just have a headphone in with a podcast when I have to be in the grocery store or in any public space...I don't love constantly having to listen to some kind of media so those ear plugs sound like they could be viable!

  10. I love mine! I hear when someone speaks directly to me but it muffles environmental noise (you can still hear them though so also less worries about missing a bus stop I find). It basically helps me to tune things out, but if my friend is talking to me I can follow easily

  11. I have Loop too! 3 pairs now (one home, one in my school backpack one in my regular jacket). They look nice too so zero embarrassment there. I have a metal pair, a black one and a red one :)

  12. I'm in Quebec so not sure how different things are (we're a ⭐special⭐ province) but here's some stuff I did. No clue how much this will help, but just wanted to give you options

  13. Why not learn how to make your own? After a while you'll get it just how you like it and you can make it anytime for way less 🤘

  14. Just curious, have you been able to source sashimi grade fish? I've been so nervous spending that kind of money on the wrong place I've been making only vegetarian ones, but my favorite all contain salmon sashimi 😅 just haven't been able to find a reputable place for that aspect, which to me is the most important one in making my own sushi

  15. Well I actually don't eat sushi often at all. I don't even know the first thing about it lol. When I've liked things I've had in restaurants or at someone's house, I try and learn how to make it myself at home because I enjoy cooking. So It was just like an idea, maybe the op hadn't considered trying to learn how to make sushi? I don't know I was just throwing it out there haha. Sorry I can't help you but maybe ask the people who work at the places you eat sushi if they know good places to buy what your asking about? Anyways hope all is well, take care!

  16. All good, thanks for being honest! I'm pretty sure I have some places near me that could work, I live close to a marché but I've just been too worried about tapeworm and such 😂

  17. I don’t know if this is an exact dupe but they look really close!

  18. Just gotta add, I own 4 of these, gonna be 5 eventually. These dang magical duochromes are so nice Danessa Myricks Beauty is going to make me hit Rouge at Sephora almost by herself 😂

  19. She seriously triggered some like... crow mentality in me of "I need every single shiny thing she comes out with" 😂

  20. Just got it and can confirm it is shade Crazy 4 U and 0.042 oz. It came sealed in its own box and its 2 inches tall. It looks like a good sized GWP!

  21. I got exactly that one! Mine arrived Saturday :)

  22. Was Rouge for 3 years in a row, lost it last year and about to hit it again this year (I'm in Canada there aren't many places to get some products from, and often with exchange rate, shipping and all, any sale I get is basically nonexistent). It's not worth it. I'm still gonna hit it, but really the perks were NEVER as food as Ulta (which SUCKS because we never got them 😭)

  23. Hey! NB/masc leaning, so hopefully I can help! The biggest thing is contour. You can go as small or intense as you like, but it's really the most impactful tip. You can look up "ftm contour" or Alexandra Anele also has a masc contouring video explaining the "why" (titled "how to make your features more masculine").

  24. Hard to help with zero info, but if you already have products, I've found over time that applying a bunch makes everything patchy. And "a bunch" is very varied, one of my foundations needs less than 10cents size or else it goes patchy, others need closer to 5cents, and I've had products that I need like 25cents (I'm Canadian if that helps with sizing?). So maybe applying less, waiting for it to dry then putting another layer could help. Takes way longer, but it could be a costless way to use your things instead of spending more for results that might just frustrate you in the end :)

  25. I have no clue how much it is, but I've been using the Physician's Formula blush for years at this point. They have one that's a bit more cool toned mauve, it's the only one I own at this point since all the other blushes I tried made me look weird due to my rosacea

  26. I have quite a few purples, I really love the L'Oreal Rouge Signature line. They have a couple of purples, to prevent the pink I reccomend going darker (like full on plum and not just purple)

  27. I love the Sephora Collection Colorful Face Powder in shade 35 Second Chance :)

  28. I didn't want to end up like the rest of my family, and I did not want to become my abuser. So I changed myself because others refused to do the same

  29. Urban decay hifi cushion gloss in Ghosted or Candy Flip; PML Aliengelic

  30. Aliengelic only looks like that in pics, irl it's a sheer gloss with barely any glitter. However Candy Flip from UD could work!

  31. Kiss has great lashes, Poise is a "natural glam" model I love but if you want more natural they also have that :)

  32. “Traditionally” for green eyes it would be mauves and purples.

  33. Holy yes, that is such a good tip! I remember finding shades looking weird on me and never understanding why until i learned about undertones. Took me years to figure it out. That's honestly probably the best tip to give, please take my poor man's gold 🏅🏆

  34. Have you cleaned your nibs? I had a ton of ink flow issue before I did that, and afterwards I just kept in mind to not dip past the vent hole. For a while, I also used a scrap of paper to just do a line on, then went to my actual drawing/lettering. Over time this all helped with ink flow control and with my pressure useage :)

  35. Pre-use, pre-initial use, or post use? Because no, yes, yes.

  36. That's odd... if you've already done the initial nib cleaning, don't dip past the vent hole and paper trick, only other reason is pressure issue, but if you've tried a bunch of nibs I'm pretty sure you would've come across a sturdier one. At this point, I can only see your angle as being off, I remember switching from pointed pen to broad nib and vice versa, I struggled with angles at first.

  37. Ben Nye and Mehron have setting sprays (BN is called Final Seal) and mixing liquid. Both make things waterproof and sweatproof :)

  38. From my understanding, yes and no. A primer is a base to add shadow on top of, but a base can be a primer or anything else. Some eyeshadow primers are labelled as eyeshadow base too, so it adds to the confusion 😅

  39. Sunscreen stick, oily roller ball from Revlon and remover with a makeup eraser or such is usually my bare base to carry (with qtips) . For the rest, just a sample size (if you can) of powder foundation (or concealer), if you have a mini shadow palette that can also be useful. I just add my eyeliner and lipstick to the bag to finish it up, and that's everything :)

  40. 90% sure clidonah and the other duochrome indies have similar. I also think she has a similar twin flames.

  41. Yep, it looks like her cinnamon one! Shade named Lover :)

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