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  1. You’re clairvoyant. I have clairvoyant dreams too but they’re always over super inane things and I never know it’s a clairvoyant dream until it comes true; like my last one: I dreamed about being given a dozen eggs and half were broken. I had Covid and was in quarantine so a friend brought me groceries, but tripped and fell on his way to my door and broke—you guessed it— half the eggs.

  2. Combination of confirmation bias and deja vu. Clairvoiyance doesnt exist, every scientific study of such things has found no more accuracy than random chance.

  3. Sigh the Amazing Randi hasn’t even been gone two years but we still have to deal with this crap. RIP

  4. Maybe we can use a ouija board to contact him and get his take.

  5. I've always said that you learn most information on the job. The real reason why employers want you to have a college degree is so that theg know you can commit to a long term and difficult project. And so they don't have to spend money/time teaching you more than they have to

  6. i got a ton of hate a while ago when i posted suggesting that most jobs are pretty easy and most people could be trained within a couple weeks to do most jobs pretty competently. Obviously it takes months or years to know how to deal with every aspect of a job, and some technical jobs have practical skills that take time to master. But generally people are pretty adaptable and as you say you learn most of the actual day to day stuff that you do in a job on the job pretty quick.

  7. I've seen cops pulling over Ebikes in Shenzhen for not wearing helmets, riding on the road instead of the shitty path full of pedestrians, too many passengers etc. Cops used to hang out in front of my old school and fine parents turning up with kids on the bikes without helmets on, i actually agree with that 100% cos that road area was insanely dangerous.

  8. Yes but im just saying thats the only kind of pulling over ive ever seen police do here, im aware they dont pull over cars especially not randomly.

  9. If you can take that 13 inch circumference you will be the tied 4th widest ass on slackholes.

  10. My favorite is the 2nd house tour a couple years after Bob died. He blames Bob for the clutter in the hallway because he had to have narrow passageways. We all know who created the hoard, but it's funny how instead of any progress on it he still blames his dad years later.

  11. Not sure if its in that video or another but when chris starts saying that he started cleaning up some boxes and deserves lots of credit for it because it was hard work, then admits he's talking about like 1 hours work he did several months ago.

  12. He probably will realise he liked jail when he finally gets out and is in a much worse financial situation than ever before, is it confirmed that his monthly tugboat is gonna be gone? and any of the weens that were keeping him afloat before are unlikely to send more money even if he begs or tries to sell old irrelevant shit. Even selling old sonichu drawings or medallions is a bit pointless now since he hasnt continued the "franchise" for years at this point.

  13. Men, how do you use a squatting toilet without urinating on your pants? Do you have to take your shoes and pants off completely?

  14. If you are unsure about your squatting ability the best bet is to completely take one of your feet out of your pants and underwear, both feet if you are really unsure. Luckily all the ones ive seen have doors and walls that go almost all the way to the ground and no gaps in the sides so nobody could see what you were doing.

  15. Our school was similar except it was one long trench running underneath the stalls. Inox and ceramics, easy to clean. Now picture me a foreign teacher on my first day in a primary school, discovering that yes, these are the toilets, and no, the teachers don't have special ones, not even the headmaster.

  16. No doors on yours? ive seen some pretty bad ones in China but they always have doors. A friend said they had toilets like this one in their kindergarten tho cos the kids kept locking themselves in, and often the local teachers had to help the kids go anyway.

  17. I have to be honest: When I was a kid and first learned about evolution, I didn't fully grasped it, and wondered if it ever happened that "new people" would like wander out of a jungle or something. Or if this was a scenario a zoo was ever faced with.

  18. Sounds like you kinda understood it just your time scale was a bit off.

  19. I thought this was retarded due to the maths but actually it seems technically possible for at least 1 person to do this. The pipe is 1234km long and electric skateboards can go easily 30kph so thats like 40h of travel time. The pipe is 1.2-1.4m in diameter so possible for a small soldier. The pipe does operate at 100atm pressure so they would need to shut down all the compressor stations and clean them out, someones gotta scrub all that residue out first.

  20. same same, its gonna have to be cleaned out

  21. I dislike his videos so much. Ideas a great but he stalls and goes off-topic soooooooo much. And every episode is a cliffhanger. What's that you watched 40 something minutes to see me build this thing... see what it's like next episode.

  22. Tik tok would be the platform for you. Clearly you dont have the attention span for more.

  23. I wonder how well it does with flooding if heavyrains hit.

  24. He's answered that previously, it stays bone dry, the water table in his area must be pretty low, and the water just drains away around the bunker.

  25. Now stay there otherwise mobs will get a tonne more health in punrank etc

  26. Those mobs are scaled on highest chapter completed i think.

  27. Ok but real talkc, virtual school sucks major ass. Classes should almost always be majority in person, just for the experience.

  28. Yeah, im a teacher and all through lockdowns and teaching online i was seeing people online saying "this is the future of school, maybe we wont ever go back to the classroom" and i was thinking none of them had any idea what online class is really like, it sucks so much. Students just turn off their cameras and microphones and space out, connection and computer issues always interfering, any hope of real active communication with your students goes out the window, its also boring and monotonous and its not good for children or adults to be sitting in the same place staring at screens all day, we all do too much of that already.

  29. Maybe it stands for "Pay The Other" since they are gonna need to pay someone else to come in that day, as to not leave the remaining employees short a worker.

  30. Probably because they tested it and found it too OP, if it makes tower easy and not challenging then it makes sense. It does seem like an extreme nerf tho.

  31. Those numbers have never been accurate in any Habby game. Also this is the daily event right? So how could anyone get higher than the final level of the daily event?

  32. Well I got my information from the actual laws of China and lawyers who work here so...

  33. okay so that's not what I was talking about at all. I said that if you have completed two consecutive fixed term contracts with a company and then they want to renew you for a third one, you have the legal right to request the third contract be an open term contract. Once you have this open term contract the only way they can terminate you is if they can prove that you are unable to do the job to a satisfactory level and they have tried to help you to improve etc. Or if you mutually agree to end the contract. Its more difficult to terminate than a regular fixed term contract.

  34. i felt like quitting around episodes 50 and 60 since it got REALLY depressing with his delusional tweets, lack of money and shitty living conditions (plus, chris mistreating his pets was driving me insane). But then I thought: "I'm already this far, I'm not quitting now" and I finally made it to episode 66. Was it worth it? Yes... and no

  35. Imagine how depressing its going to get when/if Geno starts talking about the crimes and the prison saga. But yeah im hooked, im watching whatever happens.

  36. Ya my shit-bird company is pulling the same shit with me, I found out I have a large complex tumour on one of my kidneys, and my Boss is giving me shit about appointments I need off for MRI’s and going to specialist’s, and I kept having a hard time getting the appointments scheduled around my work schedule, when I went in and talked to the Dr about it, she told me to go get FMLA paperwork from my company and she would fill it out for me, well she gave me 3 days per week to be absent for my appointments, and there isn’t anything they can say about it, and it makes my Boss totally insane that he can’t MAKE me be there, and he absolutely can’t fire me now(because it would be retaliation), it’s actually really nice to not have to worry about it!!! I can actually worry about getting myself healthy again!!

  37. Bro when you are fully recovered and ready please leave this company and find one that will respect their employees as more than bags of meat that do work. Be sure to tell that boss exactly what he is on the way out, take as many coworkers with you as you can.

  38. Sure, get a school to sponsor ur work visa and come to Shenzhen.

  39. Definitely does, my salary is like 4x the local average. I can have whatever i want whenever i want. And the locals will never consider me Chinese and will always notice my western privelege.

  40. bro why do you post in this sub? you are an actual expat living in China right? this sub is not the place for us.

  41. bro just fuckin google it before asking

  42. This is not an accomplishment, it it just a result of her privilege. If other children were not broadcasting messages on radio was not for lack of interest but a lack of means. I can image children that were way more involved in saving their peers and taking way more risks to do so. But we do not have videos of them or even stories to remember that children.

  43. This isnt "culture" this is one unhinged crazy bitch.

  44. In my new school the students are pretty well behaved and pretty fluent since its an international school. But now we are teaching online this week they have gone super shy and will barely ever turn on cameras and microphones in class so im basically just doing lectures instead of interactive classes.

  45. What? where are you that its been online that much? And yeah blended is even worse, my school said we might be doing it soon and ive already said im not gonna do it.

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