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  1. US-centric article, grandstanding on the semantics of "speculators vs hedge funds." We're not going to learn much from this here in Canada.

  2. In reporting on the housing crisis, I often hear some version of a simple story purporting to explain why so many Americans struggle to afford a place to live. The story goes like this: Housing costs are unaffordable because [INSERT BAD COMPANY HERE] is greedy and jacking up prices. The villain can be Airbnb or developers; it can be deep-pocketed foreigners or iBuyers. The story is compelling because it does not directly implicate regular people, sympathetic institutions, or elected officials.

  3. Additionally, some proponents of the scapegoat story argue that even if institutional investors are not dominant at the state level, they could still be distorting local real estate. Someone looking for a three-bedroom single-family home in the suburbs of Atlanta is not equally satisfied with one in the Savannah suburbs, so what matters to that person is the local context. But just because something is theoretically possible doesn’t mean it’s actually happening. And these theories imbue investors with a mastermind quality that they frankly haven’t earned. For instance, fearmongering about Zillow buying up real estate fell flat when the company exited the market after off-loading many homes at a loss.

  4. But if some institutional investors make bad landlords, that doesn’t mean they’re behind the housing-affordability crisis. They are not why rents are so high or why homeownership is out of reach for so many. Investors are not driving the unaffordability; they are responding to it. Many different investors are all flocking into the housing market; what is most relevant is the fundamental reason they are all being drawn there.

  5. Seems like anybody who knew she was vulnerable, took advantage of her.

  6. Does he get a pension as a retiree? He took advantage of that poor girl and he gets to retire with pension. He can continue with his life. Tradgedy. How does a poor girl go up against a powerful system that failed her every step?

  7. When you have nothing to lose, you lose it. Bitter old men who want revenge for all the injustices they feel. Mental illness is not limited to a nationality, it's a human race problem.

  8. Also there is a push by bankers and corporations like Mckinsey and Black Rock to increase populaton to 100m.

  9. Ask the bankers and the corporations like Mckinsey behind the push for 100m population. For a long term investment, it is good for their profits.

  10. No questioning is not. But blaming immigrants and anger towards them is misplaced and that is racist and xenophobic.

  11. It's part of the problem, but not the biggest part.

  12. There is a real drive to make polulation to go to 100million people in Canada. Brought to you by bankers and corporations like McKInsey. Thanks Trudeau gov't

  13. Thy are one of the people bringing you the 100million people in Canada inititive.

  14. Drive for increased immigrants is brought to you by some bankers and corporations including McKinsey again looking to profit.

  15. Best Prime Minister ever? Allow inflation to go rampant so houses costs and rents skyrocket above what people can afford. Then give the already rich asset owners tax credit to build and increase the value of their homes. How does this make sense? How is he the best prime minister when he sold out our country to bankers and corporations. The bankers profit in good times and bad b/c gov't will always bail them out.


  17. Not sure why your comment isn’t showing up with the link to that TikTok about the restaurant in NYC, but how is that even relevant to my comment about Italian Kitchen which is a restaurant in Vancouver? Different city, different restaurant.

  18. b/c it happens in this city. mod doesn't like the link.

  19. It’s not labor shortage, no one wants to work for these wages when cost of living is way higher.

  20. Teachers get paid well. I am surprised how toxic some school environments are. Not only do you have children and bad parents, but you also have bad collegues and teacher assistants. Unions are great but also safeguard bullies, lazy workers, mentally ill and unfit. These people can't get fired. Some firable offenses in corporate world would be ok in a union protected profession.

  21. No profession gets paid well in BC including people in tech, health care etc compared to other provinces. It's the BC premium which makes no sense b/c cost of living is so high here. But teachers do get decent wages. Ask what other people have to do to pull in the same wage.

  22. We said this 20yrs ago in Vancouver.

  23. Corporations and investment bankers will go into all types of markets not entertained before in search of profit. They have to dominate all markets not just the luxury and middle class. They need to dominate poverty class too. They want it all. They will go in, raise prices and make it unaffordable. In many poor countries, there are shanty towns. In a lot of the N. American cities we are seeing tent cities. It's a matter of time before shanty towns appear.

  24. can somebody explain to me like I am 5 yrs old the significance of this? What does this really mean?

  25. started saving since I started working at 13

  26. If you can finance it then go ahead. It's a heavy toll b/c it may be decades before prices bounce back but if you are looking really long, may be worth it ie 30 years plus. Then you have to look at opportunity costs.

  27. Law school is filled with all sorts of characters and the age actually tends to skew older. Engineers, accountants, teachers, dentists, liberal art students who realized majoring in 16th century comparative literature doesn’t pay the bills, etc. Real diverse crowd.

  28. How many hours do you have to work per week to make the 200-250K? How is the work life balance or imbalance?

  29. Trudeau cozy with Blackrock too

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