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  1. Hmm, not enough time to order supplies, but enough to pick up a few things at the store. Let's see here...

  2. If you haven't seen it there's a randomizer community that does competitions. Mostly item drops are random between chests and bosses and spices it up a bit with some other stuff depending on the match

  3. Zelda Parallel Worlds is another hack of LTTP that's basically a whole new game. It's amazing.

  4. Just takes three easy steps to stop this one way or the other:

  5. I haven't had a sample since March 2020. They came back, I'm just not interested in eating without washing my hands anymore.

  6. In the early days of the pandemic in 2020, back when Covid was first exploding and we were all improvising our own PPE, I put on white rubber gloves before going into Costco. I picked a bunch of products off the shelf, put them in my cart, and checked out - just your ordinary Costco trip - and the fingers of my white gloves were filthy. They were turning black just by touching the products on the shelves and things like refrigerator door handles. It was kind of an eye opener of how dirty our hands get all the time.

  7. I mean if the general consensus in the GOP is that Trump is noe bad for the party and they want to move away from Trump....then why would they be against any legal/DOJ proceedings that could actually do them a favor by preventing Trump from being eligible to run for office? In this sense the DOJ is doing them a favor.

  8. Because they'll be happy he's going down and get to claim political persecution at the same time, and use that to justify their own political persecution (Hunter Biden is the latest in a long line of these).

  9. Most certainly could. Not sure it would be popular though.

  10. Can we put another ballot question to get rid of the people who don't like it?

  11. "His announcement had better be the initiation of the storm. If it turns out to be "I'm running in 2024, please vote for me then because those elections totally won't be rigged like 2020 and 2022" then I'm done.

  12. Awesome article. It's fantastic that you showed all the failures; that's so important.

  13. I build on a large, clear work surface that's on top of a solid and level table that's on top of solid ground that never experiences turbulence, and I still drop pieces on the floor.

  14. Don't know about pins, but you can get custom-made neckerchiefs and slides for your pack for way less than that. Custom neckerchiefs and slides are officially allowed in the BSA as well.

  15. Pluck up your courage and turn that frown up, soon we will eat this entire town up, then they'll believe in my dragon pal and me!

  16. I'm not a lawyer, but I have experience in medical software.

  17. If Fallout or The Elder Scrolls have taught me anything it’s that you could have fucked your way through the Cretaceous like Fred Flintstone on a pharmaceutical-grade blend of ecstasy and viagra, but some random asshole with a pointy stick is still gonna demand you hand over your wallet and your phone.

  18. Vanilla extract. Only two ingredients are vanilla beans and vodka, and the result is outstanding.

  19. Seriously. Burgers, caramel fudge ice cream, gelato, BBQ chicken pizza? I'd move to Sweden for that.

  20. Except for question 3 where there seems to be money spent on both sides and everyone is confused why it's a question

  21. I've solved tons of minor problems using knots and lashings, but here's one of my more interesting ones: a projector screen broke at the office and one side was dangling. There was no rope or string handy, but we had tons of electronics equipment cables around, so I tied it in place using cables.

  22. Please tell me they are gearing up for a battle with an army of sharks.

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