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  1. Yes, Bailu heals less in single target. With the exception that it bounces on the same target twice. And imo, you saying that it bouncing on other teammates for extra heals is counter intuitive to ur latter point of saying Natasha’s skill heal might be wasted in order to dispel. Since what if only one target needs healing and everyone else is full health (pretty common in march7 and firemc teams where they are the only ones taking damage), if bailus heal only bounces once on the aggroing tank, then your heal is wasted on everyone else. Also, excluding Bailus invigoration effect on her ult, natashas aoe heal is actually also bigger.

  2. Coming back to this thread a month later lol, but Baliu actually heals essentially the same amount as Natasha in single target scenarios. Her first non-bounced heal on her skill has a higher multiplier than Natasha's, and Bailu has a higher HP value on top of it. That being said Nata has an outgoing healing boost passive though, so they are about the same. In the very least, the difference is absolutely negligble-- except that on top of this, Bailu has her bounce heals.

  3. Bailu's single target healing is lower in comparison to natasha's as well as the bounce being rng, making it unreliable in aoe situations. Natasha also has a dispel which Bailu lacks, and that is a major advantage that Natasha has over Bailu. Furthermore, Natasha is less energy hungry with her ult being 90 energy cost while Bailu's is 100, this is further emphasised by Natasha's e4 that grants her more energy regeneration. You might be like, but thats an eidolon, yes its an eidolon and that is yet another advantage of natasha over bailu, as a 4 star character it is much easier to get her eidolons on top of the fact that she is free anyways, she can become e6 much faster than bailu, assuming you are not super lucky with Bailu coming every pity.

  4. Great points! You didnt mention them in your post though, but i can definitely see a good argument for nata now

  5. do people acutally think that skins for this game will go the genshin route and have 2 skins every few months?

  6. Its more that starrail is following in the footsteps of genshin in so many ways excluding gameplay, so its hard to see hoyo taking skins in a different direction. Would love for them to prove me wrong though

  7. When did you guys start building a second team? Starting to feel weird being TL50 and unable to clear FH13 because I only have one good team 💀

  8. Me too lmao, TL59 and beat floor 14 yesterday with a solo seele first half and second half team being bronya tingyun fmc natasha. Never in my life did I ever anticipate using Tingyuns ult on herself lol

  9. I feel like no ones addressed the change to her e2-- from the looks of it, it permanently decreases enemy effect res by 15% for all enemies. That seems almost insane? I wonder if its big enough for SW to slot into dot teams.

  10. wait, is it confirmed that he’ll be on Kafka’s banner? I thought it’s only speculated?

  11. Dim said it and ubatcha confirmed it, its as reliable as a leak will ever get

  12. It does I have e3 and with the curio in SU I was getting confused why bronya kept auto attacking

  13. any chance you could record some footage of it? or could you at least answer if there are unique voice lines for her follow up?

  14. I have never played Honkai 3 but I have heard about it and not gonna lie I am kinda sad that this Mei will probably not be in the same world as Bronya and Seele because If I am not mistaken at least Bronya was a main character alongside Kiana and Mei so it is sad to see they will probably not even be acquainted ever in this game

  15. Honestly Im happy with the way genshin took it, if I wanted to see Mei and Kiana I'd just go back to the Honkai story. The characters are rewritten to be practically different people too, with their personalities designed to have chemistry with their planned companions.

  16. Edit: before anyone else comments the same thing for the 4th time. I know this is a joke. However there are many people in this post who seriously bilive this to be true. And In every other post about this topic to. They don't see it as a joke. This is just a copy pasted reply that was originally addressed to someone who actually believes this issue in this post. I just pasted it under the top comment about the topic for visibility to clear up the misunderstanding for anyone who actually believes this. It's not like I got so triggered over a joke that thay I wrote all this. Just copy pasted this which takes zero effort.

  17. Well now I feel bad, like my man sampo actually putting himself out and wanted someone to confide in and we are just meme’ing him.

  18. Absolutely fell in love with her voice as Citrinne in fire emblem engage. Happy birthday to her!

  19. I know what the leaks say but the face structure of the character makes me feel like this almost is impossible to not be a guy. Nothing to do with the clothing/armor, but the face looks 1000% like a man.

  20. That is not a huge circulated leak, so I think there is a genuine possibility. The image here just doesnt look like a female(as much as Id love an armored female character), so Argentina is either a male or this isnt them.

  21. Wonder what kind of art the icons will be, dont think ill really be interested in a kafka chibi but an alternate art would be tempting

  22. not gonna happen, whales love that set, they are stacking all crit dmg and 1 rounding all the MoC floors

  23. Except that doesnt even work, battles have more than 1 wave and or multiple health bars

  24. I meant looking at her kit and light cone , is it even worth building crit on her, seems like just focus on atk stat rolls

  25. Of course not, why would you even think to build crit on a DoT unit?

  26. You can until they are fully announced, where hoyo will then force you to change wanderer's name

  27. wait they force you change the name?

  28. i think i saw on another post that it gets reset to wanderer and youre sent an extra copy of the item that lets you rename him

  29. it doesn’t matter for me, i was going to be whaling on her banner anyway 😭😭😭 i was hoping to whale on her and use the leftovers on blade, i’m going to have to skip him if he’s first…

  30. Saaame lmao, my wallet is ready so come home sooner

  31. A guild system would be really great. Guild chat, weekly and daily guild missions, some kind of guild boss and shop (similiar to housing shop in Genshin Impact).

  32. I really hope they never make guilds, i hate them in any gacha game. Itd be perfectly fine if there were no incentives besides getting to meet people, but with rewards tied to joining a group of people and reliant on everyone doing stuff is such a nightmare in a million ways

  33. I think people will need to test it when she releases. Hard to say for sure.

  34. Hm I see, if so its interesting how her kit at e0 favors shock only teams, then all dot teams at e1 and then back to shock only for e6

  35. E0 can still work with Sampo, it's just that her ult won't get the DoT trigger without E1. E6 would work with all DoT irregardless of course but yeah a very nice bonus for shock specifically.

  36. For sure, just mentioning that there is an inherent synergy with shock. And yeah youre right, i wonder how the optimal way to split her stats is going to be then. Looks like her e6 and her ult shock multiplier was buffed too!

  37. Huh, so if thats jingliu then I wonder whatll happen for her to become playable in the future. Clearly seems like shes dead after all

  38. In a Seele hypercarry team (Seele + Bronya + Natasha + Pela for now), what combination of Bronya, Silver Wolf and Tingyun do you think would fit best into two support slots?

  39. At that point I think its more about who you like than anything else, given how they are all great. Silver wolf is probably the best though since she has her ability, but its going to be dependent on the enemy weakness as well.

  40. I think the last rerun of this was the first time Ive skipped an event entirely-- its not like i didnt enjoy it the first time, but god playing for all the rewards once was enough for me to never want to touch this shit again

  41. That just means you can put CritDmg body relic on Yanqing instead of critrate. Crit value is power.

  42. Yanqing can just use a critdmg relic independent of his light cone

  43. conveniently im a yae main, so this is optimal, C4 yae here i come

  44. I am too, but unfortunately ive c6d her

  45. suffering from success i guess lol. hope you can atleast you lose 50/50 so your next 5* you want is guaranteed.

  46. Thanks! Probably will roll on yoimiya banner who I have c0, maybe i can get lucky and pull dehya or something

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