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  1. Here it’s common to put stickers with name and number on every piece of clothing when they go to kindergarten. So advice would be to see if stickers are in place before going out.

  2. If possible, I would suggest placing the stickers on the inside of clothing. If on the outside, predators can see the child's name and cheerfully call them - 'hey (name)! Your mom sent me to come pick you up. '

  3. Definitely don't blame yourself for someone being an asshole. I would speak to your boss or human resourcesand let them know he berated you and made you uncomfortable in this new work environment. Don't put up with that!

  4. Wow I sense a lot of resentment from him. I think you need to lovingly talk in person to figure out how you can complete household chores together.

  5. Imagine having a fifteen minute conversation with a grown adult about strategies to switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer

  6. I think you need to consider the financial risks of taking the dog. Check out subreddits and info online about frenchies and the health problems that esit: they have. Do the research on the breeder because taking a frenchie can turn into getting a huge money pit very fast.

  7. I know a family that does this. When I hang around them, it always seems like they talk about funny stories from childhood. Seeing your post made me realize that maybe they get into that habit because their adult lives are boring and/or stressful...? I also wonder if it's because a couple of them have had hard adult lives (been arrested/living paycheck to paycheck/estranged relationships with their own kids). Come to think of it, I'd probably reminisce a lot if I experienced those issues in life. It does get tiring hearing the same stories over and over.

  8. Dorm life my freshman year. Moved into an apartment after that but looking back, it was a great way to transition from living at home with my parents to being on my own. Not to mention friends being made.

  9. My BIL tried hypnosis and it actually worked. He smoked for over 20 years and literally went cold turkey after one hypnotherapy session. I think he was as surprised as everyone how effective it was. I know some people are more "suggestable" but it may be worth a try. Good luck.

  10. A motorcycle ride to the beach, then a make out session.

  11. I am apparently in the minority here. It means a lot to me when my few close friends send me a HBD text. No need for fanfare, just a simple text...

  12. It means a lot to me, too. I always remember people's birthdays and I think it's a nice way to celebrate someone you care about.. even in subtle ways.

  13. I think the traditional gift for 1 year is paper. So I got concert tickets (old school printed ones).

  14. Where can you find what the traditional gifts are? I'm very interested in taking a look.

  15. You can just search for wedding anniversary gift ideas. You'll probably see examples of traditional and modern gifts.

  16. You need a break if you keep this up you'll get burnt out. You husband needs to desperately step up.

  17. And/or family that can come help give you a break for a few hours.

  18. I have learned that men and women are usually opposite when it comes to affection and sex. I need affection to stay connected/feel desired & wanted, which will fuel my libido.

  19. Check with your local library, many librarians know ways of searching. Especially if the library has a genealogy section.

  20. Great tip! I'm certain the librarians would love to help too. I've not been to our local one yet but will go soon!

  21. The realization that I'm the only one responsible for me getting to class, getting to class on time, etc. There are no teachers or parents making sure you get up and go.

  22. Lol I remember some kids skipped orientation meetups and I was like “wait, you can DO that???” No parents, make your own rules

  23. “If I go there will be trouble… if I stay there will be double.” Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.

  24. Lol I think you meant to post this on the other thread - Should I stay or should I go

  25. We had a huge clash of morals and they got nasty towards me. I was devastated. But after I mourned the loss of this "close friend," I have never felt more at peace with walking away. No room for hatred in my life.

  26. Have you told him everything in this post?? Have you said you are losing me

  27. Vote every election. Even the smaller, local races.

  28. I got my primary ballot and don't see any reason to bother with it. Most of the Democrats are running unopposed and the one actual primary, the two candidates are practically clones of eachother. What is the fucking point when all of the options are shit?

  29. In my state, you have to register as a Republican or Democrat if you want to vote in the primaries. But when the actual election comes around, you don't have to register for either party and can vote for whoever you want.

  30. Can you call the hotel and arrange for some kind of cookie delivery?

  31. This was a super helpful and thoughtful idea was a bit more complicated where they were located but it turned out really well in the end! I put an update in the main.

  32. And specifically thanking them verbally goes a long way. Lets them know you don't take them/their actions for granted

  33. Don't make yourself hold in your emotion, especially grief. Been there, done that and it will eventually boil to the surface. Let yourself grieve how ever you need too. It will come it waves or out of nowhere for awhile. If it gets to be too much, definitely check with your doctor. A grief support group could also be really helpful. Good luck.

  34. You need to go to the county's website and see what their requirements are. It varies by county.

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